An In-Depth Look at Hate-Spewing Christian Pastor Steven Anderson

The latest issue of Phoenix Magazine has an in-depth profile of hate-preacher Steven Anderson.

Reporter Jimmy Magahern does a nice job giving us more background into the pastor’s life than we ever get from his videos, but the most telling part was this passage about Juan Payan, one of Anderson’s parishioners:

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Why Don’t Christian Writers Know Why People Really Leave Church?

Holly Baer has a simple request for Christian writers: Stop trying to explain why people are leaving the church!

Or, if you’re going to explain the reasons, at least try to be honest.

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75% of Canadians Support God-Free Government Meetings: “Just Start the Meeting”

In April, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled (unanimously) that Catholic prayers before government meetings in Saguenay, Quebec were unconstitutional. It was the right decision… but a limited one.

The ruling only put a stop to invocations in Saguenay, not everywhere in the nation, so there’s still a lot of debate over how various councils should handle the issue. Some have gone from a prayer to a moment of silence, some have removed prayer from the agenda altogether, and some have stayed the course by keeping the prayers and just waiting to be challenged.

The Angus Reid Institute, a polling group, recently asked Canadians what they preferred — they were allowed to support more than one option — and the most popular idea was to have no prayer at all: “Just start the meeting.”

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The Man Whose Font Was Used to Identify Atheists Worldwide Has Died

If you’re an atheist and you’ve ever spent time online, then this symbol probably looks very familiar to you:

That scarlet A has been the symbol for Richard DawkinsOut Campaign and a sort of badge that identifies you as an atheist without necessarily broadcasting it to outsiders.

If you want to get more technical, it’s a capital A in the Zapfino font. That font was created in 1998 by Hermann Zapf — who also produced Palatino (which is used in many books) and Optima (used for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall).

Sadly, Zapf died a few days ago at the age of 96:

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These Two Charts Explain Why People Are Leaving Christianity in Droves

We know that LGBT equality is hindered by the religious majority, and we know that’s changing, but a new survey from the Pew Research Center makes that incredibly clear in this chart:

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