Judge Stops Lake Elsinore City Council From Putting Up a Religious Monument for Veterans

We have an update on the Lake Elsinore Christian Monument!

You can read a full recap of what happened here, but the short version is that the City Council of Lake Elsinore, California unanimously approved a $50,000 veterans’ monument to be placed in front of Diamond Stadium, a city-owned minor league baseball stadium (a mockup of what it would look like is below):

If you can’t tell, the soldier is kneeling in front of a whole bunch of Christian crosses… and one Jewish star. Because only Christians have died in our country’s wars.

And one Jew.

And no one else, ever.

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An Ex-Muslim Writes About What Must Change in the Middle East

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about “Marwa,” an ex-Muslim woman from Lebanon, who moved to the United States a year ago. She had written a beautiful post about what the transition to America was like.

It turns out a lot of people read Marwa’s post. She has responded by writing about what she’s up against and why she’s not giving up anytime soon:

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r/Atheism Gets Kicked off Reddit’s Default Front Page

If that headline makes no sense, here’s the luddite version:

Reddit is a website that gets *tons* of hits.

Reddit is made up of thousands of “subreddits” that focus on different things.

If any random person visits Reddit, they see popular posts from the most popular subreddits.

Reddit Atheism (r/atheism) was one of those subreddits for the past few years.

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National Atheist Party Changes Its Name to Secular Party of America

After a patchy couple of years that have seen a canceled convention and the resignation of its president, the National Atheist Party has decided to forge ahead with a new identity it hopes will be a little more inclusive:

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Rhode Island Governor Vetoes ‘Choose Life’ License Plate

If you’re looking to get a personalized license plate design in Rhode Island, there are a number of charities you could benefit: veterans, firefighters, groups fighting breast cancer, etc.

Until recently, though, no religious group ever received money.

Thanks to Governor Lincoln Chafee, it’s going to stay that way.

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