Atheist Apparel Store Gives 50% of Profits to Charity

Tyler Koltz has created a business that sells clothing and benefits humanity at the same time. It’s called Absence of Clothing.

The way it works is that when you buy apparel from the online store, like the “Thank God I’m an Atheist” shirt or sticker seen above, “50% of all profits go to a charity or non-profit organization that benefits the world in some way.” Already, he’s given money to the Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter of Atheists Helping the Homeless.

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This is How An Atheist Got an Entire Transit System to Ban Religious Ads

I posted yesterday about activist Justin Vacula‘s 18-month-long attempt to get an atheist ad on buses in the County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS) in Pennsylvania.

The ad he submitted to them wasn’t an attack on religion. Hell, it wasn’t really even a promotion of atheism. All the ad did was mention the dreaded “A” word:

(Maybe the COLTS leadership just hates periods?)

On Tuesday, in response to Justin, the COLTS Board of Directors passed a newly-revised advertising policy that bans all forms of religious advertising. The ban is so far-reaching that it effectively bans ads promoting churches, quoting Bible verses, and even mentioning religion.

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God’s Sending Us a Message

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Brother Jed Smock Will Soon Star in His Own Reality TV Show

Longtime nomadic campus preacher Brother Jed Smock just announced on Facebook that he and his family will soon be starring in their own reality TV show on Country Music Television (CMT) tentatively titled “Brother Jed & Company”:

The producer, Roger Nygard, may be better known as the director of the 1997 documentary Trekkies.

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The Book of Genesis: Erotica Edition

Matthew Stillman has written a book called Genesis Deflowered that takes the King James Bible and eroticizes its version of the Book of Genesis. It’s not quite as blasphemous as you might think, as he said on FOX News:

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