An Atheist Snuggie

in case you’re looking for a Christmas gift for that special heathen, American Atheists is selling snuggies: It might be comfortable, but holy crap does that picture freak me out… In any case, at least you don’t have to go shopping anymore! (You’re welcome.) [Read more...]

Another Atheist Group Tries to Form at a Religious University

Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania — affiliated with the Presbyterian Church — could be the next home to a Secular Student Alliance group… but there’s still work to be done. A recent article suggests that the group is already official: Those not practicing religion are not excluded on campus. A new organization has recently [Read More...]

The Cross Did Not Come Down Because One Atheist Complained

This is a guest post by Jason Torpy. Jason is the President of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF). … FOX News Channel recently invited Master Sergeant Kathleen Johnson of American Atheists and Jordan Sekulow of the Christian advocacy group ACLJ to comment on the recent removal of a 6-foot cross on an [Read More...]

A Response to ‘I’m a Christian, Unless You’re Gay’

A number of you have sent me this article as a wonderful example of a Christian getting it right when it comes to homosexuality, adding that we ought to give credit where it’s due. It’s a three-part post written by Dan Pearce in which he admits he’s hurt people despite trying to act “Christian”: My [Read More...]

You Did It!

109 of you donated, raising $5,000 for “drilling equipment that will bring clean water to people in Ethiopia”! And you did it with over a month to spare 100% of the $5000 you have raised will directly fund water project costs in the field. Water will change everything. Disease will dramatically be reduced. Children will [Read More...]