We’re Christian because It’s Cheaper

There’s a village in Cambodia that’s fertile grounds for missionaries trying to convert residents to Christianity. It seems to be working, too. 80% of the locals are now Christian. But it’s not because they believe in the divinity of Jesus or the power of prayer. It’s just a cheaper form of bullshit: Sev Chel, 38, [Read More...]

Give Gay People a Break

(via The Atheist Pig) [Read more...]

Dave Silverman Goes on FOX News to Discuss Obama’s ‘Attack’ on Christianity

Earlier tonight, American Atheists’ Dave Silverman appeared on The O’Reilly Factor (with guest host Laura Ingraham) to discuss how religion has influenced Obama’s policies as well as the latest Gallup poll showing how only about half of Americans would vote for a qualified atheist for President. Mediaite has the clip: Silverman called the trend “a [Read More...]

Pushing Religious Indoctrination Into Public Schools

Katherine Stewart, author of the frightening and important book The Good News Club, recently did a couple of interviews with folks from the Richard Dawkins Foundation. The first, with Elisabeth Cornwell, talks about what Stewart discovered about the group’s parent organization, the Child Evangelism Fellowship: The second, a shorter video with Sean Faircloth, explores more [Read More...]

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Challenge to Mt. Soledad Cross Case

Finally, some welcome news from the Supreme Court: The Mount Soledad cross in San Diego — a huge cross on public land — is still unconstitutional. The controversy has been going on since 1989 and it’s finally over now that the Court declined to hear a challenge to its unconstitutionality: It’s been a long wait [Read More...]