College Students Today Are Less Religious Than Ever Before

This graph will put a smile on your face.

The numbers, from a study called “The American Freshman,” show that college freshmen are abandoning their faith labels in record number, with self-professed “Nones” comprising more than 27% of students, the highest percentage in 40 years.

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This Finnish Band Just Released a Stunning Music Video Drawing Inspiration from the Work of Richard Dawkins

The Finland-based symphonic metal band Nightwish is about to release their new album, drawing inspiration from the natural world and the work of Richard Dawkins. (In fact, Dawkins appears on the album as a narrator for two of the songs.)

You can see the first single from the album, “√Član,” below. Gotta say, I’d never heard of the band before, but the video and music are just incredible:

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Why Video Glitches Aren’t Evidence of Aliens Living Among Us

Captain Disillusion explains why glitches in online videos aren’t evidence of the secret reptilian alien conspiracy! (Which, apparently, some people believe…)

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Here’s Your Marriage License… and a Bible

The Washington Post‘s Monica Hesse has a fascinating profile of Bobby Martin, one of the probate judges in Alabama who has had to deal with the U.S. Supreme Court and Alabama’s own Chief Justice telling him contradictory things about whether he can marry gay couples over the past week:

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A Religious Memorial Honoring a Middle School Teacher is Altered After Atheists Point Out Constitutional Problems

In 2004, Ravenswood Middle School (West Virginia) teacher Joann Christy died in an accident. It was obviously devastating to the community and the school built a memorial in her honor.

The problem is that the memorial included several Christian crosses and images of angels:

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