Ohio License Plates May Include God in the Background

Remember when the Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted held an online poll to decide which “I voted” sticker would be given out to voters this November? Two of the stickers mentioned God, but your votes helped another sticker rise to the top! Now, Governor John Kasich is using an online poll to help decide [Read More...]

An Atheist Snuggie

in case you’re looking for a Christmas gift for that special heathen, American Atheists is selling snuggies: It might be comfortable, but holy crap does that picture freak me out… In any case, at least you don’t have to go shopping anymore! (You’re welcome.) [Read more...]

Another Atheist Group Tries to Form at a Religious University

Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania — affiliated with the Presbyterian Church — could be the next home to a Secular Student Alliance group… but there’s still work to be done. A recent article suggests that the group is already official: Those not practicing religion are not excluded on campus. A new organization has recently [Read More...]

The Cross Did Not Come Down Because One Atheist Complained

This is a guest post by Jason Torpy. Jason is the President of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF). … FOX News Channel recently invited Master Sergeant Kathleen Johnson of American Atheists and Jordan Sekulow of the Christian advocacy group ACLJ to comment on the recent removal of a 6-foot cross on an [Read More...]

A Response to ‘I’m a Christian, Unless You’re Gay’

A number of you have sent me this article as a wonderful example of a Christian getting it right when it comes to homosexuality, adding that we ought to give credit where it’s due. It’s a three-part post written by Dan Pearce in which he admits he’s hurt people despite trying to act “Christian”: My [Read More...]