Is the “Relentlessly Gay” Yard a Giant Hoax?

Last week, we all heard about the colorful solar lamps in Julie Baker‘s yard spelling out the words “Love” and “Ohana” (the Hawaiian word for “family”).

As the story went, one of her neighbors sent Baker a note about how her yard was becoming “Relentlessly Gay” and how that was bad for children.

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Pat Robertson Tells Woman to Avoid Her Wiccan Neighbors Because “They’ll Destroy Your Children”

Giver of all wisdom Pat Robertson was asked on The 700 Club about how a woman should respond to her new Wiccan neighbors. Should they be friends? Should she allow her son to befriend their daughter?

Robertson, as expected, responded with the love of Christ: By telling the woman to avoid them at all costs before they ruin her family.

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Who Knew There Was a Connection Between Bibles and the Slinky?

True story: The inventor of the Slinky used his wealth to translate the Bible into little-known languages.

Andy Warner tells the full story at Backchannel:

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Because Terrorist Groups Need to Stop Being So Damn Intolerant

Finally, the terrorists are realizing they need to be a little more open-minded…:

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Judge Asked to Remove “An Appeal to Heaven” Flag from Arkansas County Courthouse

While everyone is talking about flags that shouldn’t be on government property, the Bradley County Courthouse in Warren, Arkansas is being called out for flying a flag reading “An Appeal to Heaven”:

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