Catholic Reporter Discovers That Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett Aren’t As Awful As She Expected

Margery Eagan recently covered an event featuring Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett for Crux (a Catholic publication affiliated with the Boston Globe).

She was hoping they’d conform to the nasty stereotypes she had of atheists… but that wasn’t the case at all:

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Bill Donohue: If Politicians Listen to the Pope on Climate Change, They’re Violating Church/State Separation

Does the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue understand what church/state separation means?

Of course not. You knew the answer to that as soon as I wrote “understand.”

In this case, the Donohue thinks the urging of politicians to embrace Pope Francis‘ call for concern about climate change is somehow a violation of the law:

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Proposed Michigan Laws Intended to Prevent Gay Unions Could Also Block Atheist Marriages

In anticipation of the Supreme Court making gay marriage legal throughout the country, one Michigan lawmaker is attempting to circumvent the decision in advance by banning government officials (like courthouse clerks) from signing any marriage licenses at all, leaving that duty only in the hands of religious leaders. (Michigan is one of the 13 states left currently banning same-sex marriages.)

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Principal Fired After Giving Prayer Books to Staff; She May File Discrimination Lawsuit Against School Board

Last week, DeKalb Community Unit School District 428 in Illinois voted 5-2 to fire elementary school principal Shahran Spears. Among the reasons for her dismissal were repeatedly examples of her using her position to push Christianity on the staff and students:

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Dutch Politician’s TV Broadcast of Muhammad Cartoons Postponed After “Misunderstanding”

Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician perhaps best known for his criticisms of Islam. He made a short film called Fitna in 2008, has equated the Qur’an to Mein Kampf, suggested banning the Qur’an, and called for a tax on Muslim women who wanted to wear a hijab, and wants a halt on Muslim immigrants into his country. Unlike many critics of Islam who focus solely on bad ideas, Wilders wants to enact policies to make life worse for peaceful Muslims, since they’re perpetuating a faith he thinks must be stopped.

Yesterday, in his latest attempt to stick it to Islam, Wilders was going to broadcast cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad on Dutch TV — during Ramadan. (How was this even possible? Because his nation’s laws allow “anything to be shown during a party political broadcast” and he’s an elected official.)

The three-minute video was based on images shown at last month’s Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas, which eventually turned deadly.

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