I Wonder Who’s Gonna Win…

I’m going with the Bunny in round 3.

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Oh, So That’s How the Resurrection Works…

The rest of the cartoon is here :)

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Just a Reminder to Stay off the Roads This Sunday…

In case you forgot, some evil trying-to-be-funny punk decided that tomorrow would be “Jesus, Take The Wheel” Day:

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Help the Foundation Beyond Belief Double Our Membership

Over the next two weeks, as we close upon $1,000,000 donated to various charities, Foundation Beyond Belief would like to double our membership. And we have incentives galore to help you recruit new members!

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Atheists Chime in on Alcoholics Anonymous (Continued)

Continuing the previous discussion:

One reader feels that atheism and Alcoholics Anonymous are incompatible… but there may still be a way to merge the two worlds: [Read more...]