Pastor Can’t Understand Why Anyone Would Be an Atheist

Rev. Eric Strachan, a retired pastor from New Life Community Church in Petawawa, Ontario, doesn’t understand atheists. But instead of asking local atheists to inform him about their views, he went ahead and wrote an opinion piece for The Daily Observer laying bare all of his ignorance:

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Humanist Groups Call for End to Injustice in the Wake of Freddie Gray’s Death

Several Humanist groups have spoken up in response to what happened to Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Considering how often pastors’ voices were heard in the wake of everything that’s happened, it’s good to see some secular voices in the mix. Because if God doesn’t exist, we have to rely on ourselves to heal any injustices [Read More…]

What I Learned from Fighting Back Against Public School Bible Distributions

This is a guest post written by Andrew Seidel. He is a staff attorney at the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

When bibles were distributed in Orange County Public Schools in January of 2013, I wrote a letter to the school district on behalf of FFRF asking them to “halt all distributions” (See Exhibit D). Earlier this year the district finally banned all such distributions, but only after we sued.

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Catholic Priest Who Molested Three Boys Finally Apologizes… to His Church Colleagues

In 2007, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles paid out $660 million in a settlement to 508 people who had been victims of sexual abuse by Church leaders. That settlement is back in the news this week since lawyers for the victims just released a huge batch of personnel files related to the case. Brother Gregory [Read More…]

Christian Shoe Promoter Creates Game Where You Shoot Gay People (Transgender Victims Earn You Bonus Points)

For a couple of hours yesterday, Steam (a website where you can upload games you create or pay to play them) allowed a game called “Kill The Faggot” on its site with the sole objective of killing LGBT people:

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