Mother Gives Former Church Bad Reviews Online; Pastor Sues for $500,000

Julie Anne Smith used to attend Beaverton Grace Bible Church in Oregon. After her family left, other church members began to shun her — it was as if the pastor told them all to avoid the Smiths at all costs. So Smith wrote up some 1-star reviews of the church online… and began a blog [Read More...]

It’s OK To Use the Word ‘Atheist’

Hey, check it out: I’m not the only person calling out Neil deGrasse Tyson on his video about why he doesn’t call himself an “atheist.” ZOMGitsCriss doesn’t approve of it either: [Read more...]

A Response to ‘Five Reasons Christians Should Continue to Oppose Gay Marriage’

We’re at a point when even a notable Republican pollster is warning the party that it’s to their own detriment to fight equal rights for gay people. You would think Christian groups would come around to that way of thinking eventually, too, but that may take another generation or two. Most Christian leaders refuse to [Read More...]

Secretive LGBTQ Group Forms at (Christian) Biola University

***Update***: The group’s founders have responded to a couple of my questions below. … Biola University, an evangelical Christian school in southern California, is one of those schools that will expel you if they find out you’re gay. (Because, you know, they love everyone.) In fact, they just put out a Statement on Human Sexuality [Read More...]

Secular Student Alliance 2012 Conference Schedule Released

The Secular Student Alliance just released the schedule for their 2012 national conference (July 6th-8th) and it looks great: Besides the huge collection of speakers, they end late on Friday and Saturday night — which makes sense since most of the attendees are still wide awake – and begin relatively late on Saturday morning (because, [Read More...]