The Most Charitable Thing We Can Say About Faith…

(via Ape, Not Monkey) [Read more...]

Speaking at Michigan State University Tomorrow Night

Just wanted to mention that I’ll be speaking at Michigan State University Thursday night. The event begins at 7:30p in Communication Arts Building, Room 147. The event is sponsored by the Center for Inquiry — Michigan State University group. Hope to see you there! [Read more...]

Watch Out for Those Atheist Extremists

It’s reminiscent of this image from, but The Oatmeal points out how the word “extremist” is pretty relative… The full cartoon is here. Bonus points for “Tesla > Edison.” (Thanks to Ryan for the link!) [Read more...]

Gallup: ’32% of Americans are Nonreligious’

Gallup has just released its list of the most religious states and the least religious states in the country — all based on how people categorized themselves between the options of “Very religious,” “Moderately religious,” and “Nonreligious.” In 2009, the last time they released a survey like this, the question was “Is religion an important [Read More...]

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen to Good People?

The video may be disturbing for the first 0:35, but the conversation after that is well worth listening to: The responses you get from Christian apologists regarding why God lets bad things happen to good people are never very good, are they? The caption for the video summarizes it well: If the Abrahamic God is [Read More...]