Ohio Resident Plans to Make Next Year’s Zombie Nativity Scene Even More of a Spectacle

Last week, we learned that Ohio resident Jasen Dixon had put up a Zombie-themed Nativity scene at his home, only to have to take it down because it violated local ordinances about size and location of such displays. (I’m sure the city cracked down on traditional Christian displays, too…)

Well, with everything he’s learned this year, Dixon wants to make next year’s Nativity scene bigger and bigger — and perfectly compliant with the law. To that end, he’s started an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the project:

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When Westboro Baptist Church Protests in Colorado Today, a Large United Crowd Will Await Them

This afternoon, Westboro Baptist Church will be in Pueblo, Colorado protesting the use of recreational marijuana and approval of same-sex marriage.

But they’ll have guests waiting for them with signs of love instead of hate.

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Creationist Finds a New Way to Proselytize at Taco Bell by Getting the Workers to Do It for Him

Whenever I go to a restaurant or coffee shop and they ask for my name, I’ve gotten used to saying “Bob.” It’s a reflex at this point. Instead of going through the motions of pronouncing my real name and spelling it out for someone who doesn’t really care and just needs to use it once, I prefer making things easier for everyone.

When a Taco Bell worker asks Creationist Eric Hovind for his name — an interaction that ought to be quick and simple for a guy named “Eric” — he decides to make their jobs harder (certainly more uncomfortable) by telling them his name is “Jesus Christ is Lord.”

Then, as he says, “all you gotta do is sit back and let them witness for you.”

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This Song About Sexual Purity Sends the Wrong Message to Young Women

You know how if you ever have pre-marital sex, you have no integrity and deserve no respect?

Because that’s the message I took away from this abstinence-themed “parody” of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”:

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Seven States Ban Atheists from Holding Public Office

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how seven states ban atheists from holding public office, even if those laws are unenforceable.

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