God May Love Uganda, but Christians Are Making It a Horrific Place for LGBT Individuals

If you’re doing nothing else on this day off, consider watching God Loves Uganda on Netflix or iTunes:

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These Kentucky Officials Think They Can “Pray the Heroin Away”

Turns out there’s a big heroin problem in Owensboro, Kentucky — there have been three attempts to smuggle it into the local jail in the past six months — but have no fear: The Daviess County Sheriff (Keith Cain) and Jailer (David Osborne) took part in a Christian service yesterday to “pray the heroin away“:

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After Possible Church/State Violation, Mayor Allegedly Tells Atheist: “Take Me to Fucking Court because I Don’t Care”

Earlier this month, we saw how rough things could be for the Omaha Atheists when their Adopt-a-Highway sign was vandalized:

We’re now getting an idea of how hostile it can really be in their community.

Yesterday, the city of La Vista hosted a “Faith & Freedom Day“:

Why was the city hosting a faith-based event? It was a question Omaha Atheists board member Robert Fuller had for Mayor Douglas Kindig (below). So he gave the mayor his business card at the event and requested a meeting at a later time to discuss any possible church/state violations.

And here’s how that went down, according to a press release from the group:

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I’m Sure This is Just a Coincidence

While we’re at it, God must really hate Asia and Africa, what with all the non-Christians there.

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People of Color Beyond Faith Announce Community Outreach Drive

A coalition of atheist groups called “People of Color Beyond Faith” is planning to host a conference this October in Los Angeles to discuss matters of importance to Godless minorities — and they’re hoping to do some charity work as well:

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