Fox News Spent Less Than Two Minutes Discussing the Josh Duggar Child Molestation Scandal

I’m sure this is just a coincidence:

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Phoenix Atheist Will Host “Draw Muhammad” Event Tonight Just Outside Local Mosque

I’ve said before that I don’t mind people who draw images of Muhammad if it’s done for good reason. Standing in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo? Doing it as a symbol of free speech? I could understand and defend those reasons.

Doing it to piss off Muslims or to draw attention to yourself? Now, you’re just being a dick.

Jon Ritzheimer (below) falls in that latter group.

He’s an atheist and former marine who’s taking a cue from Pamela Geller — never a good idea — and hosting a Draw Muhammad cartoon contest tonight in Phoenix.

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God is Not a Fan of Your Sports Team Unless…

In a scene from An Act of God — opening tonight on Broadway — actor Jim Parsons channels God to explain how He works when it comes to sports:

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Jesus Explains Why, When Times Were Tough, There Was Just One Set of Footprints…

That “Footprints” poem finally makes sense!

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Ohio Public School District Includes “Higher Power Exists” as a Core Value for Students

A few weeks ago, a student sent me a page from the Rossford Exempted Village Schools handbook. The Ohio public school district listed its “core values” in the book and one of them was acknowledging that a “Higher power exists”:

That was out of place and illegal… (not to mention really grammatically awkward).

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