This Student Filmed a Neat Documentary About Growing Up as an Atheist in Texas

When Candace Brand was younger, she moved from Maryland (which was fairly secular) to Texas (which is Texas), and that’s quite a culture shock when you’re an atheist.

She created a short biographical documentary for a class project about what her experience was like:

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After Reminding Students They Don’t Have to Stand for the Pledge, These Young Women Are Getting a Lot of Support

Earlier this week, I posted about three student body leaders at South Portland High School in Maine. They had caused some controversy because, while reading the morning announcements and leading the Pledge of Allegiance, they reminded their classmates that they didn’t have to participate:

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It’s All Part of God’s Weird Plan…

We’ve all been there:

Click over to see what God’s plan looks like.

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Tonight, a Guest Speaker at a Christian College Will Argue “Against Critical Thinking”

We sometimes joke on this site about how pastors should let teenagers proofread their church signs before certain unintended messages get spread around the Internet.

You’d think a Christian school would have an easier time of doing that… but tonight, Ontario-based Augustine College will be hosting a public lecture called “Against Critical Thinking”:

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Ken Ham Defends His Theme Park’s Discriminatory Hiring Practices by Posting Support Letters from Children

Creationist Ken Ham still doesn’t understand why the state of Kentucky rescinded potential tax breaks from his Ark Encounter theme park.

The short explanation is that the park — a for-profit business — was discriminating in its hiring. You can’t do that if you want the subsidies.

But that hasn’t stopped Ham from filing a lawsuit against the state.

Today, Ham defended his position by posting letters from children urging Governor Steve Beshear to allow proselytizing and discriminatory hiring because… Jesus.

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