Celebrating the Availability of Atheist Resources

A few decades ago, there were very few resources for atheists who wanted either confirmation of their own beliefs or reasons to oppose the belief in God. When Herb Silverman was a teenager in the late 1950s, there was just a single book in his library: Bertrand Russell‘s Why I Am Not a Christian.

When I was a teenager in the late 1990s, I didn’t even consider getting books from the library that my parents could find, but I could go online and search for websites that might confirm what I was thinking. But the sites I found were few in number and rarely very inviting.

In an article for the Washington Post On Faith website, Silverman talks about how resources for atheists are now plentiful, not to mention non-religious national/local organizations and support groups, and we should be grateful for that:

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An Exclusive Excerpt from Jerry DeWitt’s Hope after Faith: An Ex-Pastor’s Journey from Belief to Atheism

I’ve written a lot of posts about Jerry DeWitt because he’s such a compelling guy: An ex-Pentecostal preacher who is now a graduate of the clergy project, Jerry has become a voice for atheism as well as a strong supporter of non-religious communities (similar to the ones seen in the religious world). His newly-released book Hope after Faith: An Ex-Pastor’s Journey from Belief to Atheism, written with Ethan Brown, documents his journey from hard-core Christian to preaching atheist:

The following is an exclusive excerpt from the book (reprinted with permission of Da Capo Press):

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Former Pentecostal Preacher Jerry DeWitt Appears on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

Earlier today, Jerry DeWitt appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to talk about his new book Hope after Faith: An Ex-Pastor’s Journey from Belief to Atheism:

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New York Times Asks: Should Atheists Pray?

Now that we’re seeing a rise in godless congregations, the New York Times asked some people whether atheists should pray, what the point of prayer is, and whether it’s beneficial.

One of the panelists happened to be me.

Another panelist happened to be Deepak Chopra.

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On Twitter, Atheists Swear a Lot More Than Christians Do

I recently posted about a study done by University of Illinois psychologist Ryan Ritter (published in Social Psychological and Personality Science) in which his team compared atheists and Christians on Twitter to discern any differences. You can see my analysis of the paper here.

One of the visuals I mentioned was this one:

I thought that was fascinating. According to the graphic, Christians used the word “know” 211 times per 100,000 words, compared to 198 times per 100,000 words for atheists. Meanwhile, atheists used “thought” more than Christians did (59 times per 100,000 words compared to 44 times per 100,000 words, respectively).

We don’t have context for those words, but it’s interesting to consider why this might be the case. (More on that in a moment!)

Ritter has now created visualizations allowing us to see where there are other language differences between the two groups, and these are even more entertaining than the previous image.

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