Rapper Gripp Releases Atheism-Themed Album

A rapper by the name of Marshall “Gripp” Gillson (also a 2009 graduate of Morehouse College) is independently releasing (PDF) an album today called Head in the Cloud. Several of the singles from it have atheistic themes, including the song “The Future Goes“: An excerpt from the lyrics (at the 1:14 mark): So when we [Read More...]

She Wanted a Secular Wedding… So She Told Her Family About Her Atheism

You want to know why campus atheist groups are so important? The blogger at Faithless and Fulfilled tells her story: When I arrived at college I met people of many different faiths and people with no faith at all. I met normal, moral, happy people who happened to be atheist. The contradiction between what I’d [Read More...]

Vote for the Mid Ohio Atheists’ Next Billboard

You know how you all complain about how atheist billboards tend to look awful and are in desperate need of a graphic designer? Last month, the Mid Ohio Atheists said they’d pay for a billboard that looked awesome in order to avoid that fate. They took submissions. They selected finalists. Now they need you to [Read More...]

Short Stories of Coming Out

After that last article, I need to read something less gut-wrenching. Thankfully, reader Lauren pointed me to a more inspirational website. It’s a series of short responses to the prompt “When I came out…” Some of them are funny. Some are frustrating. Some are heartbreaking. But in all cases, there’s a common thread: If you’re [Read More...]

Sure, Gay Teens Are Killing Themselves, but What About the Christians?!

There’s a heartbreaking story in Rolling Stone by Sabrina Rubin Erdely about anti-gay bullying, the resulting suicides, the teachers who didn’t (or, arguably, couldn’t) do anything about it, the district administrators who sat back and watched it happen, and the Christian groups who honestly believe they bear no responsibility whatsoever for what happened. And it [Read More...]