A Film About Atheism in Poland, 325 Years After a Soldier Was Executed for the “Crime” of Godlessness

325 years ago, in 1689, Casimir Liszinski (a.k.a. Kazimierz Łyszczyński), a Polish soldier, was executed for the “crime” of atheism.

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My Christian Education Curriculum Taught Me Not to Befriend Atheists

This is a guest post written by Jonny Scaramanga.

Earlier this year, I wrote an article for New Statesman in which I claimed that my Christian fundamentalist school had taught me not to be friends with unbelievers.

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Dillsboro Mayor Will Begin Board Meetings with Christian Prayer Since “We Ain’t Got Nothing but Baptists in Town”

Dillsboro, North Carolina will begin all future Town Board meetings with strictly Christian prayers, and Mayor Mike Fitzgerald (below) has a very unusual reason for making that move:

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Homeschooled Girl Kicked Out of Prom Because Her Dancing Caused Boys to “Think Impure Thoughts”

Clare, a homeschooled student from Virginia, recently attended the Richmond Homeschool Prom (yep, it’s a thing) all dressed up and excited for the night ahead:

Her dress was beautiful, but soon after she arrived at the dance, she was whisked away by one of the organizers:

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A Beautiful Video from a Formerly-Religious Father to His Newborn Daughter

John Cedars, who blogs at the Jehovah’s Witness watchdog blog JWsurvey, used to be a JW himself before he finally came to his senses. His wife’s pregnancy gave him the final push he needed to leave the faith for good.

John recently gave birth to a beautiful girl, Jessica Liberty, and he’s determined not to make the same mistake indoctrinating her that his parents did with him. So he made this really lovely video:

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