Who Cares What Celebrity Atheists Have to Say?… Asks Columnist Who Has Nothing Interesting to Say

In a piece that amounts to nothing more than frustration with popular atheists who offend religious sensibilities, Tim Stanley embarrasses himself in the Telegraph.

It starts by ripping on Richard Dawkins for a sarcastic tweet (which was later deleted) in which he suggested sending erotica to Islamic theocracies, perhaps to shake them up:

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These Parents Oppose Vaccines for Reasons That Should Disturb Us All

In a very disturbing story in the New York Times, we hear the perspectives of several parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids — and put everyone else at risk — for reasons that make no sense or just don’t exist:

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Watch Matt Dillahunty Explain Morality from an Atheist Perspective

In the next video for his Atheist Debates project, Matt Dillahunty explains the atheist take on morality:

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This is What a Protest Looks Like Outside a Psychic Demonstration

The other day, I posted about a protest some skeptics held outside an event featuring television “psychic” John Edward — better known as the Crossing Over guy.

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Canadian City Council Replaces Lord’s Prayer with Generic Invocation and Christians Freak Out

The city of Brampton (near Toronto, Ontario) opens its meetings with this invocation:

We gather today to reaffirm our commitment of service to our City and the people who live here. Give to each member of this council a strong and abiding sense of the great responsibilities laid upon us. Guide us here in our deliberations. Give us a deep and thorough understanding of the needs of the people we serve. Help us to use power wisely and well. Inspire us to decisions which establish and maintain a city of prosperity and righteousness where freedom prevails and where justice rules. Amen.

Pretty harmless, right?

Well, considering the previous invocation used to be the Lord’s Prayer, people are freaking out:

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