When the War on Christmas Goes Too Far…

This is the Christmas tree in The Willows senior apartment building complex in Newhall, California.

The sign says “Please save our tree” because someone in upper management told them they weren’t allowed to have it because it was a religious symbol. [Read more...]

They Must Have Been Imaginary Friends

Breaking news, everyone: Dolly figured out the conspiracy! [Read more...]

When Godless Money Hurts a Business

We’ve all seen examples of passive-aggressive atheist activism: Downvoting pro-religion posts on Reddit. Putting a warning label on hotel room Bibles. Crossing “In God We Trust” off of dollar bills. We can debate whether any of that makes a difference, but the point I want to make is that we believe these actions hurt no one. You make your point. You move on. [Read more...]

Atheist Resigns from West Point Due to Anti-Atheist Discrimination and Promotion of Religion

Blake Page, the president of the West Point Secular Student Alliance, has been making headlines this week after he wrote on Huffington Post that he was resigning from the famed military school six months prior to graduation because he “could no longer be part of a culture that promotes prayers and religious activities and disrespects nonreligious cadets.” [Read more...]

How to Deal With Religion: The Videos

Over the past couple of weeks, The Texan Canadian has put out two videos called “How to Deal with Religion.” They’re fun to watch, partly for the analysis and partly for the great clips he includes: [Read more...]