Evangelical Christian Leaders Are Taking Baby Steps Toward LGBT Acceptance

We know the culture is shifting on LGBT equality.

We also know Christians — certainly evangelicals — are being left in the dust as more people appreciate equality and want nothing to do with the sort of bigoted rhetoric you often hear from those pastors.

Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times has a fascinating look at how Christians are dealing with the rapid transformation of society, playing catch-up on the easiest moral issue of our time:

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Idaho Republican Party Considers Proposal Supporting “Bible Use” in Public Schools

Over the weekend, the Idaho Republican Party’s State Central Committee met to discuss possible rule changes, how to conduct primary voting, and proposals for potential pieces of legislation.

That last item isn’t just theoretical, either. The GOP controls the House and Senate by large margins and the Governor is also a Republican. So bad ideas can become law without much opposition.

That’s why there’s reason to worry about one of the ideas coming out of the weekend meeting: A proposal to bring the Bible into Idaho public schools:

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A Compilation of Best Arguments and Comebacks from Several Prominent Atheists

Here’s a compilation of the best arguments and comebacks from several well-known atheists.

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Swearing an Oath on the Bible is Unnecessary

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why you don’t have to ever swear an oath on the Bible. (It was filmed a little after the midterm elections last year.)

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 58: Jessica Hagy, Cartoonist and Author of The Art of War Visualized

Our latest podcast guest is Jessica Hagy, a cartoonist and writer best known for her insightful and hilarious webcomic Indexed, in which she draws charts and Venn diagrams connecting completely different ideas and getting us to think about them in different ways.

Her latest book is The Art of War Visualized. It’s the Sun Tzu classic reworked and with illustrations.

During a recent stop in Chicago, we spoke about her career change from copywriter to professional author/illustrator, where she finds inspiration for her work, and how her cartoons made their way into my math classes.

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