Detroit Archdiocese Offers Solution for Traffic-Induced Road Rage: Saying the Rosary

Think about all the things that would make you feel less anxious while stuck in traffic: Talking to someone else in the car, listening to good music, knowing you’re not in a rush to get to where you have to go…

But forget all that. The Archdiocese of Detroit has the solution for anyone dealing with annoying construction: Saying the Rosary:

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Two Years Ago, a Republican Became Director of the Country’s Largest Atheist Lobbying Group. How Is She Doing?

Two years ago today, the Secular Coalition for America — the largest lobbying group in Washington, D.C. representing non-religious Americans — announced that its new Executive Director would be a Republican who had worked under President George W. Bush and conservative senators Trent Lott and Jeff Sessions.

While Edwina Rogers focused on health and economic issues with those politicians, her GOP background rubbed a lot of atheist activists the wrong way. They wondered if someone who had worked for social conservatives could really be a reliable voice for Secular Americans. Rogers was optimistic that her background wouldn’t hinder her new position — in fact, she believed she could get her foot in the door in places where liberal lobbyists might have been shut out. Still, my initial interview with her provoked a lot of skeptical (and harsh) feedback from readers and other bloggers.

But that was two years ago. Has Rogers changed her mind about the Republican Party’s ability to appeal to atheists and agnostics? Has the backlash died down?

I emailed her a list of questions earlier this week and her responses are posted below.

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Christian Couple Gets Divorced and Husband Admits Guilt… So Why Is Anyone Blaming the Wife?

Last month, two popular Christian musicians, Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken, announced that they would be getting divorced after 13 years of marriage. That’s not necessarily anyone’s business but their own, but a couple of points (that are public knowledge) may be worth mentioning here.

First, is a line from the couple’s announcement:

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This Presidential Candidate is Only Slightly Worse Than the Current Republican Slate

Darrell Trigg wants to become the next president.

And just wait till you hear his platform for the Christian Party:

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New Poll Highlights Religious Ignorance on Scientific Issues

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the disappointing results of a recent poll:

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