Supreme Court Won’t Hear Illinois Moment of Silence Case

Here in Illinois, the state mandates that we have a Moment of Silence in the classroom every day. (At my school, we do it over the loudspeakers during morning announcements.) That law was called the “Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act” until state officials revised its name to make it less Christian-y. It’s unenforceable and [Read More...]

That’s One Way to Promote Your Atheist Bus Ads…

I know the Central Arkansas Coalition of Reason had a rough time getting its ads on local buses… But now that a judge ruled in their favor and the ads are set to make an appearance on buses this week (if they’re not up as we speak), it’s good to know that some members of [Read More...]

Can Progressive Christians Still Win Over the LGBT Community?

When it comes to how the Christian church has treated LGBT individuals, there are two ways to look at it. You could say their overall intolerance has helped us as atheists. Teens just don’t want to be associated with the likes of James Dobson and Pat Robertson and any of those other bigots who have [Read More...]

Obviously, Two People in Competition Never Ask God for the Same Favor

Reader Katherine sent along this conversation she had with her mother a day after she lost her job… The frustration. It had to hurt. Katherine: I really hope I get that job I interviewed for. I am tired of unemployment — one day of it is enough for me. Mom: Well, why don’t you say [Read More...]

Another Oregon Couple Found Guilty in Child’s Faith-Healing Death

Another religious couple from the Followers of Christ Church. Another attempt at “faith-healing.” Another dead child. Another guilty verdict, though, if that’s any consolation to anyone. Dale and Shannon Hickman were found guilty of second-degree manslaughter on Thursday after they let their newborn son die: Prosecutors provided a timeline that showed there was as much [Read More...]