American Atheists’ David Silverman Addresses Crowd at Mass Mormon Resignation

Yesterday, while the 184th Annual General Conference of the (Mormon) Church took place nearby, two atheist groups led a mass resignation for Mormons who wanted to leave the Church for good.

Atheists of Utah and American Atheists (national) led the 75-person march around Temple Square. Afterwards, AA President David Silverman spoke to the crowd:

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This Week, PBS Will Begin Airing Neil Shubin’s Evolution Series, Documenting How We Are ‘Just a Jerry-Rigged Fish’

In 2006, paleontologist and evolutionary biologist Neil Shubin and his team discovered fossil remains of a genus they called Tiktaalik. While anti-evolutionists constantly declare there are no “transitional fossils,” Tiktaalik beautifully represented the shift from fish to amphibians, containing traits of both and countering those Creationist claims.

Shubin later wrote about his discovery and how our own bodies give us clues to our evolutionary past in Your Inner Fish, and that book is now being turned into a three-part PBS documentary series that begins airing this week.

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A Secular Invocation at the Pensacola City Council Meeting

Earlier this year, David Suhor gave an excellent non-religious invocation at a meeting of the Pensacola City Council:

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The Best Sound Bites and Speeches from Prominent Atheists, All on Video

The Agnostic Atheist Anti-Theist Foundation on Facebook have been putting up a lot of great videos on YouTube lately, compiling the best speeches and sound bites from prominent atheists.

Below is just their latest one featuring Christopher Hitchens (part 7 in the series, natch):

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After Negative Feedback, Chili’s Will Not Be Donating 10% of Customers’ Checks to Anti-Vaccine Group Tomorrow

Chili’s Grill & Bar was planning to host a nationwide fundraiser tomorrow night in which a portion of all proceeds would be given to the National Autism Association. That sounds all well and good until you take a look at the NAA’s website, specifically the page listing the causes of autism.

For no good reason — certainly, no scientific reason — the list includes “Vaccines”:

For that reason, spurred by popular websites reporting on it, people began complaining about Chili’s on various social media networks.

It’s entirely possible (hell, it’s very probable) Chili’s had no idea supporting the NAA would be controversial — they just figured they were helping a good cause — but to their credit, they’ve just announced that they will no longer be giving any money to the anti-vaxxer organization:

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