Canadian Christians: We’re Under Attack Because We Can’t Always Discriminate Against Gay People!

A group of Christian leaders in Canada are furious because they believe the government (and everyone else) is persecuting them:

The group, including Charles McVety, president of the Institute for Canadian Values, pointed to a number of recent events they said equate to an attack on the Christian faith and impinge on Christians’ ability to practice their faith.

Well… this should be interesting.

What are their examples?

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LifeWay Christian Resources Says They’ll Stop Selling Books About People Claiming to Visit Heaven

Earlier this year, Alex Malarkey, the subject of the 2010 book The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven, announced that his “true story” was completely exaggerated.

This wasn’t a surprise to most of us who see no evidence of an afterlife, but it sent some shockwaves through the Christian publishing world because they had made a ton of money peddling books by people offering a glimpse of Heaven.

(Colton Burpo, the subject of Heaven is For Real, soon issued a statement defending his visions.)

To their credit, Tyndale House, the publishers of Malarkey’s book, said they would stop selling it.

And now, LifeWay Christian Resources — arguably the largest outlet for Christian books — says they, too, will stop selling all “experiential testimonies about heaven” indefinitely:

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Illinois Lawmakers Consider Bill Allowing Group Prayer in School. (Isn’t That Already Legal? Yes. Yes It Is)

Illinois lawmakers introduced legislation several years ago to give public school students time to pray in school. To keep it legal, it was eventually called the “Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act.” It’s useless legislation, of course, since students can pray whenever they’d like. But if you wanted to get prayer in school, this was a legal backdoor approach.

Earlier this year, State Rep. Mary E. Flowers (below) introduced an amendment to that law — because I guess silence isn’t enough — which would allow for group prayer. That bill is now picking up co-sponsors left and right and heading for a vote very soon.

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A Survivor of “Faith Assembly,” an Extremist Christian Sect, is Making a Film Highlighting the Cult’s Impact

Last November, Terry wrote about a faith-healing cult from the 1970s, led by preacher Hobart Freeman. Faith Assembly was a cult where babies died frequently and faith healing was a way of life.

Josh Wilson was one of the survivors and he talked about his experience in this video..

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How Does Homosexuality Make Sense Within the Theory of Evolution?

For Darwin Day, Richard Dawkins answered questions about evolution for his viewers. The latest one discusses how homosexuality makes sense within the theory of evolution:

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