A Christian Church Puts Up Billboard Apologizing to Gay People… But Is It Enough?

In response to all the Christian hate directed at gay people lately, it looks like a breath of fresh air to see the San Diego-based Missiongathering Christian Church‘s new billboard in North Carolina: Before you get all excited like everyone online seems to be, here are two questions worth asking the members of this church: [Read More...]

Teaching the Conntruhversey

Zach Weiner found a way to defeat all those teachers who want to teach Creationism in the classroom: You can see how that plays out at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal [Read more...]

Atheist Valedictorian in Texas Forces High School to Remove Graduation Prayers

Mark Reyes is the valedictorian at Poteet High School in Texas and his graduation ceremony is Friday night. He’s also an atheist. And thanks to his activism, the school will be getting rid of a nearly-100-year-old tradition of reciting invocations and benedictions at the ceremony: Poteet Independent School District Superintendent Andy Castillo announced Tuesday that [Read More...]

A Voice of Reason on the Problem with Religion

dogmaticCURE brings together images and music with the words of atheists (in this case, Richard Dawkins). This is from a conversation Dawkins had with Alister McGrath in which he speaks about the problem with religion. Even without the vivid imagery in the video, it’s very compelling to listen to. Check it out: [Read more...]

‘America’s Most Dangerous Man’: Sam Harris Interviewed in Jewish Publication

Some excerpts from an interview with Sam Harris in the Jewish publication Tablet: My argument is that no group of people, and certainly no society, has ever suffered because everyone became too willing to hear arguments and data and got too interested in other people’s points of view. The zero-sum contest is between believing things [Read More...]