I’m a Pony…

I always thought a Hemant pony would be brown… Nevertheless, I think it fits! You can see Johnny Kaje‘s other atheist ponies here [Read more...]

Right Wingers Go Crazy After Obama Omits ‘God’ from Thanksgiving Address

FOX News and religious conservatives are pissed off at President Obama because they didn’t like his Thanksgiving address. Here are some excerpts — see if you can figure out why they’re angry: As Americans, each of us has our own list of things and people to be thankful for. But there are some blessings we [Read More...]

An Open Letter to the Salvation Army

Just a reminder to think twice before giving your change to the Christian, anti-gay Salvation Army this holiday season. It was written (PDF) by an anonymous reader of this site: … To whom it may concern, The Salvation Army, a Christian organization, states that intimate homosexual acts are forbidden: Scripture forbids sexual intimacy between members [Read More...]

Why We Should Care About Mental Illness

At Skepticon, JT Eberhard gave a talk about mental illness. I had to catch my plane just before JT went up to speak but from the audience reaction seen in the video and the Twitter feed I was following in the airport, it was pretty apparent the talk resonated with a *lot* of people who [Read More...]

David Fitzgerald Offers a Heretic’s Guide to Mormonism

David Fitzgerald, author of Nailed, gave an eye-opening and hilarious speech about Mormonism at Skepticon and the talk is now on YouTube. Mind you, he didn’t go out of his way to mock them. Not really. He mostly just tells facts about the faith — how Mormonism began, what Mormons believe, etc. I would love [Read More...]