University of Calgary Freethinkers’ Posters Get Online Attention

As that image made the rounds on r/atheism yesterday, I wanted to know the story behind it — When did the sign go up? What has the reaction been? HJ Hornbeck, the leader of the University of Calgary Freethinkers, was kind enough to fill me in. The idea sprang from a religious poster on campus [Read More...]

Anthony Pinn Talks About ‘How Black Bodies Challenge Humanist Ethics’

In this video from the New York Society for Ethical Culture, Dr. Anthony Pinn encourages us to open our eyes and appreciate the diversity within our movement. We could learn a lot: As always, if any parts of the video stand out to you, please leave the timestamps in the comments! [Read more...]

I See What You Did There…

Blogger Mitchell just came out as an atheist: There, my secret is out. I am an atheist, and I have been since the first time I read the bible, cover to cover, after I was given my own copy in Sunday school. I’m a skeptic by nature (not to be confused with a cynic), and [Read More...]

‘Day of Monologue’ Response Card

Today is the Christian “Day of Dialogue” in which participants can tell their LGBT classmates why they’re going to hell. This is the card (PDF) they will be handing out: As I posted before, Zach Moore created this hilarious parody (PDF) of that card: So cut those out and spread the word! If you have [Read More...]

Christian Right Leader: Secularists Are Bullies… Punch Them in the Mouth

You know all those leftist secularist activists who preach messages of love and equality and inclusion? Matt Barber of the group Liberty Counsel believes the victimized Christians ought to punch them in the mouth. (Metaphorically, of course. Just metaphorically…) They’re bullies. And we know that we people stand up to the bully on the playground [Read More...]