Calgary Billboard: “The Sun is the Main Driver of Climate Change. Not You. Not CO2.”

A new billboard in Calgary falsely claims: “The sun is the main driver of climate change. Not you. Not CO2.”

Two points:

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Even at a “Spiritual Hot Spot,” How Did a CNN Reporter Fall for a Cold Reading?

CNN’s Jessica Ravitz spent two weeks in Rishikesh, India earlier this year on a global religion reporting fellowship. The city, famously visited by the Beatles in 1968, is known as “the world capital of Yoga.”

Her long piece offers a fascinating glimpse into a city overrun by pseudoscience. What’s especially frustrating, though, is how easily Ravitz seems to fall for the cold readings of “psychics” there.

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CrossFit Workout (Christian Edition)

Because God wants you to be ripped:

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Linda Stephens, Plaintiff in the Supreme Court Case Legalizing Religious Invocations, Sees Some Silver Linings

Linda Stephens, one of the plaintiffs (along with Susan Galloway) in the recent Supreme Court case that ended with religious invocations at government meetings being declared legal and a member of the Atheists Community of Rochester, wrote an essay for the Democrat & Chronicle about the upsides to losing the case.

It’s nothing you haven’t heard already, but all the more interesting given its source:

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Former Congressman Barney Frank Explains Why He Waited Until He Left Office to Come Out as an Atheist

Last August, former Congressman Barney Frank — who made a name for himself for being an outspoken gay liberal — finally came out in a different way. He said on Real Time with Bill Maher that he was an atheist:

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