We’ve All Been There, Neil

(via Twitter) [Read more...]

Alright, You’ve Convinced Me

I’ll marry the first person who approves of this cake for our wedding: (Thanks to Dawn for the link!) [Read more...]

My Talk About Math Education from Skepticon IV

I gave a talk at Skepticon IV about the problems with math education and they already have it up online! (Nice work, HamboneProductions.) Hope you like it. [Read more...]

An Atheist’s Thanksgiving ‘Blessing’

The Washington Post‘s On Faith section asked a number of people from difference religious groups (and a couple non-religious ones) what they would say at the Thanksgiving table. My response is up at their site and here’s an excerpt: Atheists have plenty to be thankful for — without the need to include anything supernatural or [Read More...]

Neat Science Tricks to Try Out on Your Family

If you’re with the family today, Richard Wiseman just released his latest collection of quirky science tricks you can do to impress and amuse those around you: [Read more...]