Caught on Tape: Subway Preacher’s Own Argument Gets Used Against Him

Here’s an awkward situation for everyone involved: You get on the subway and a preacher begins yelling out the gospel message because he believes this is an effective way to make converts out of people. (He’s also very bad at reading everyone’s body language.)

Most people just lower their heads or look away. Because maybe if you ignore the crazy Christian, he’ll just go away.

But a couple of night’s ago, one hipster decided to engage the preacher in a debate and the team from Cult Comedy happened to be there to get it on film:

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A Compilation of Lawrence Krauss’ Best Arguments and Retorts

Lots of great stuff in this compilation of physicist Lawrence Kraussbest arguments and retorts:

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It’s Bad for You…

… yet some people can’t get enough of it:

Go here for the punchline. (As if you don’t know where this is going…)

(via Far Left Side)

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More Elected Officials, Including Members of Congress, Issue “Day of Reason” Proclamations

It’s not just Governor Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island issuing a “Day of Reason” proclamation this year.

It’s Mayor Jean Stothert of Omaha, Nebraska:

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A Glimpse at the Monument the Satanic Temple Wants to Place Outside the Oklahoma Capitol Building

In 2012, Oklahoma state officials approved of a Ten Commandments monument being placed outside the capitol building. Last year, the Satanic Temple said they, too, wanted to donate a monument… a Hindu group soon followed.

Eventually, the state officials issued a moratorium on all monuments while they sorted out the legality of the original one. But that didn’t stop the Satanic Temple from raising money for their monument online. They wanted $20,000. They received $30,000. And we’re finally getting a glimpse of what their monument will look like:

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