Atheist Banner Rejected from Ellwood City Municipal Building, While Nativity Scene Stays

It was bad enough last year when the Ellwood City Municipal Building allowed a nativity scene out front without any other holiday displays to buffer it. It was an outright endorsement of Christianity. After complaints last year from groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Mayor Anthony Court opened the door to displays from non-Christian [Read More...]

After College Christian Group Forces Gay Treasurer to Resign, University of Buffalo Suspends Them

Steven Jackson, a sophomore at the University of Buffalo is gay. He’s also the treasurer for his college’s Intervarsity Christian Fellowship group. When staffers and board members found out Jackson was gay, they told him he needed to step down from his leadership position. Not because he’s gay. No. Of course not. Christians *love* gay [Read More...]

News Station Won’t Say the Word ‘Atheist’ to Describe Atheist Group

In case you missed it last year, Brazos Valley (Texas) has an atheist marching band and they play vuvuzelas! Last year, the big story was how one woman was upset about the group because she had to explain to her children that atheists exist (oh no!): … I have older children… and they were curious [Read More...]

An Atheist Visits a Catholic Conference Aimed to ‘Confront the Challenge of Secularism’

This is a guest post by Rod Chlebek. Rod is the web director for Michiana Skeptics based in South Bend, IN and a cost analyst by day. … Once a year, the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture hosts its annual fall conference, this year entitled “Radical Emancipation: Confronting the Challenge of Secularism.” There [Read More...]

Why Is a Science Website Selling Unscientific Products?

***Update***: Edmund Scientifics has responded to this post here. They say they’re transitioning the products to a different part of their website, but 1) They’re still in Psychology as I type this and 2) They’re still being sold without a disclaimer (or anything similar) that it’s fake science. … If you were looking to pick [Read More...]