When Should You Ignore a Proselytizing Teacher?

The excellent education writer Dana Goldstein wrote a review of a new book about a journalist who spent time at John H. Reagan High School in Austin, Texas — a “failing” school. The book is called Saving the School: The True Story of a Principal, a Teacher, a Coach, a Bunch of Kids and a [Read More...]

This Will Go Over Well with Tim Tebow’s Christian Fan Club

From GQ‘s September cover story on Tim Tebow: (via Christian Nightmares) [Read more...]

Arkansas Water Park Makes Atheists Pay More Than Christians

That’s not how the people at Willow Springs Water Park were spinning it, though. They said church groups could get a $5 discount per child on Mondays — a discount no other group received: Leifel Jackson, executive director of the charitable Reaching Our Children and Neighborhoods (ROCAN), asked the water park if the discount would [Read More...]

Why Richard Dawkins Doesn’t Do Debates

The other day, I mentioned a planned boycott at an event where Richard Dawkins was going to speak. Now, groups are calling on Dawkins to take part in a debate on God’s existence and Dawkins isn’t taking the (de)bait. He explains why: … in their shoes, perhaps I would be clamouring for debates as well. [Read More...]

Creationist Ken Ham: Noah’s Ark Toys Are ‘Too Unrealistic’… but the Real Ark Was Just Fine

This is a toy model of Noah’s Ark: And the Creation Museum’s Ken Ham can’t stand it because it’s not real enough: … when we allow children to think Noah’s Ark looked like one of these “bathtub Arks,” we are reinforcing the false idea that the account of the Ark was just a fairy tale. [Read More...]