I Thought They Met on Sunday Mornings…

My friend Jeannette spotted an interesting church sign in Bedford, Virginia on the way to work this morning. It speaks for itself… [Read more...]

‘In God We Trust’ May Become a Permanent Part of Georgia License Plates

Remember when the state of Georgia accidentally put “In God We Trust” on certain license plates and then included them in the lineup during a vote? They had to conduct a revote because the motto wasn’t actually included on the plates — it was just an optional $1 tag you could put on your own [Read More...]

New Research Says Anti-Atheist Prejudice Stems from Distrust

We know people don’t like atheists. Researchers at the University of Minnesota told us in 2006 (PDF) that “atheists are less likely to be accepted, publicly and privately, than any others from a long list of ethnic, religious, and other minority groups.” But why is that the case? University of British Columbia psychologist Will Gervais [Read More...]

Penn State’s Scandal Cannot Be Prayed Away

Charles P. Pierce‘s Grantland piece on the Penn State Child Raping Scandal may be the most powerful article yet about the crimes that took place — and why prayer, moments of silence, and playing football are the wrong solutions: It no longer matters if there continues to be a football program at Penn State. It [Read More...]

North Carolina Atheist Responds to Vandalism of His Group’s ‘Adopt-a-Street’ Signs

Atheist signs and billboards get vandalized for all sorts of reasons — like when the culprits see the message as “too aggressive,” even when it’s something as innocuous as “Are you good without God? Millions are.” But this is a new one: Someone has ruined the Western North Carolina Atheists’ “Adopt-a-Street” signs: Why target those [Read More...]