Listen to This Creationist Complain About Another Creationist’s Plan of Salvation for Not Being Jesus-y Enough

You probably know that Creationist Kent Hovind (who was already in prison for tax evasion) was recently found guilty of contempt of court.

Guess who’s coming to his defense?

Pastor Steven Anderson, who thinks Hovind is just a victim of “a government that is abusive.” Immediately, he writes off the tax fraud:

[Hovind is] in prison just because of a bunch of financial, stupid tax things. It’s not like it had anything to do with him breaking any of God’s laws or anything. It’s not like he did anything wicked or immoral to be there. But he is there because of financial… reasons.

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Creationist Megan Fox Thinks Our Library Fundraiser Backfired

If you need to catch up on this story, I suggest reading this post.

Creationist Megan Fox posted this on her Facebook page yesterday:

A few thoughts:

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Pickens County School Board Will Vote Tonight to Bring Prayer Back to Their Meetings

***Update***: The vote was 3 for, 3 against, and 1 abstention… so the prayer policy will *not* change. That is to say meetings will not open with sectarian invocations. Hallelujah! … I thought this issue had been put to rest already… but I guess not. Last September, the Pickens County Board of Trustees in South [Read More…]

Why We Won’t See an Openly Atheist President Anytime Soon

The Washington Post‘s new “Acts of Faith” section has the rundown of whether we’ll see an (openly) atheist President anytime soon. (Spoiler: HA!)

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“Godless? Good” Ads Will Appear on Edmonton (Alberta) Buses for the Next Month

A new ad promoting atheism will run on ten buses in Edmonton over the next month:

The Society of Edmonton Atheists funded the campaign in order to draw more attention to the growing non-religious demographic in Canada:

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