A (Revised) Christian Indoctrination Video for Children

About a month ago, NewSpring Church in South Carolina released a catchy little indoctrination video for preschoolers featuring actors with all the enthusiasm of Barney’s friends:

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This is Why Your Circumcision Was Unnecessary

CollegeHumor explores the Real Reason You’re Circumcized:

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This is Also Why I Can’t Stay Awake During Discussions About Philosophy

(via Jessica Hagy)

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Christian Pastor Explains How to Lovingly Preach Against Homosexuality… and Fails Miserably

If you’re saying something offensive, how do you remove yourself from all responsibility so that people don’t get mad at you? Simple. Just say you’re quoting the Bible.

That is the wisdom that Pastor Dean Inserra has in a video interview with Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission’s Dan Darling. Darling asks Inserra how he can preach against homosexuality without getting everyone all riled up — and Inserra thinks the Bible gives him cover for spouting bullshit:

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Fundamentalist Christian Pastor Says That Women Only Want Birth Control So They Can Go Be Whores

Pastor Steven Anderson, as you might expect, has a problem with birth control. But the way he goes about railing against it is full if ignorance and nastiness, as you might except. Taking birth control, in his mind, is always a selfish decision made by whores.

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