Edmonton Public School District Drops Abstinence-Based Sex Education Classes

The other day, I posted about a mother-daughter team who were fighting back against the factually untrue, abstinence-only sex education classes that were being taught in the Edmonton Public School District.

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New Rule: Students Who Have a Same-Sex Wedding Can’t Be Mad When Their Christian Schools Expel Them For It

Southwestern Christian University, in Oklahoma, makes its students sign a “lifestyle covenant” upon acceptance. It’s one of those lists that says you can’t smoke or drink or be in the dorm of the opposite sex after hours. And don’t you dare have sex. It’s part and parcel of going to a school like that.

Christian Minard signed that covenant a few years ago when she came to the school on a basketball scholarship. Despite leaving the team to avoid injuries and giving up her scholarship, she remained at the school and would have started her senior year this fall.

Now, she’s been expelled. The reason? She got married last spring to her longtime girlfriend Kadyn Park:

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Well, That’s a Weird Way to Remember the Ten Commandments…

You know how hard it is to memorize the Ten Commandments? (No? Who cares. Work with me here.)

That’s why the folks at Prayer Stop (which, ironically, could double as the name for an atheist group) created a mnemonic to help you remember all of them in order.

It’s so easy, even an 8-year-old can do it:

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Why Atheists Can’t Be Republicans

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why atheists can’t be Republicans:

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Despite Opposition from Its Leaders, a Catholic Church Ends Up on “George Carlin Way,” At Least for Now

In 2012, Kevin Bartini began a petition to name a New York City street — the one George Carlin lived on — after the famed comedian who died in 2008:

That idea didn’t go over so well with the local Catholic leaders because there’s a church on that street and Carlin was no fan of religion:

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