An Atheist Photo Mosaic

Aaron Baldwin at Activate the Mechanism asked his Tumblr followers to send him their pictures and he turned it into this beautiful atheist photo mosaic (You’re going to want to click on the image to enlarge it.) What a cool version of the American Atheists logo! [Read more...]

The New York Times Profiles Richard Dawkins

There was a very positive profile of Richard Dawkins in today’s New York Times by Michael Powell. It’s not everyday you see such glowing coverage of an outspoken atheist, so savor it while it’s there. I especially liked that it didn’t focus on his atheism. It focused on science education, which has always been his [Read More...]

A Question About Circumcision

The Real Michael Brown has a post-worth-discussing about circumcision. Surely, nothing controversial… … I am weeks away from welcoming a newborn baby. I found myself praying for a little girl, just so I wouldn’t have to make this decision. A barrage of information, mixed with doubt and anxiety. I had been hearing stories about how [Read More...]

Can You Believe Acting on Homosexuality is a Sin Without Being a Bigot?

At Rachel Held Evans‘ site, gay Christian Justin Lee answers readers’ questions. This one in particular stood out to me: From Karl: Is it possible in your view for someone to disagree with you – to believe that the Bible consistently teaches sexual activity is intended for heterosexual marriage only – and for that person [Read More...]

I Never Thought About It That Way…

Comedian and activist Lee Camp offers a new analogy for religion. (Commentary is NSFW. Also, ouch.) [Read more...]