Baylor Atheists, Getting No Support from Their School, Meet in Private

Baylor University is one of the religiously-affiliated schools that has recently denied atheists from forming an officially-recognized group. When you read Rob Bradfield‘s article in The Baylor Lariat, it’s not hard to understand why such a group is necessary on campus and how hard the atheists who go there have it: Only 43 out of [Read More...]

Hasidic Bus Company: Ladies, Sit in the Back of Our Bus

Private Transportation Corporation, a hasidic-owned company that operates a public bus line between two Yiddish communities, has special instructions for its female riders: Go sit in the back of the bus because the front is reserved for men. You probably wouldn’t know this, either, because the English portion of their brochure says that “When boarding [Read More...]

Catholic Charities Drops Lawsuit Against State of Illinois, Ending Their Discriminatory Adoption Practices

Ever since Illinois legalized civil unions, state-funded Catholic Charities have had to face the prospect of allowing partners in a civil union to adopt kids. In the past, they restricted adoptions to straight married couples and single parents. When the civil unions bill passed, they had a decision to make: comply with the law or [Read More...]

He Makes Sense To Us Because We Don’t Dare Question Religious Authority

Capt. Ryan Jean is the atheist who’s trying to become a “Humanist lay leader” in the Army. It’s not quite the role an official Chaplain would have — he wouldn’t even get paid — but it’d give him the opportunity to facilitate discussions about religion with Foxhole Atheists who aren’t being serviced by religious chaplains. [Read More...]

Our Side is Stacked

Love this image The caption: When a theist starts a debate with an atheist… (via Reddit) [Read more...]