Catholic Priest Tells Congregation He’s Gay and Receives a Standing Ovation, but What Will He Do Now?

In Dublin, Ireland, where a referendum on gay marriage will be taking place this May, Father Martin Dolan of the Church of St Nicholas of Myra told his congregation on Saturday night (and Sunday morning) that he was gay:

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Someone Got Video of Raif Badawi Being Lashed by a Saudi Official

Earlier today, I posted about a crowd gathering to watch Saudi blogger Raif Badawi get the first 50 (of 1,000) lashes yesterday.

Turns out someone got video of the punishment being administered. It’s not necessarily graphic, but there are glimpses of what Badawi had to go through:

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Complaint Filed Against High School Teacher Who Offered Students Extra Credit for Copying Bible Verses

Maybe a high school teacher who promoted an after-school Bible Club that he sponsored wouldn’t be the subject of much controversy. He shouldn’t do it, but it’s nothing a quick email reprimand from an administrator couldn’t take care of.

But what’s happening in Stockton, California absolutely crosses the line:

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Missouri Republican Introduces Bill Allowing College Christian Groups to Ban LGBT Students Without Punishment

Last year, we saw a number of college Christian groups complain about having to follow the rules.

Their schools said registered student organizations — who had the benefits of free meeting space, access to funding, tables at activity fairs, and more — could not discriminate when it came to membership. Which meant they couldn’t exclude gay people from joining, and possibly becoming a leader of, their groups.

That was their complaint. They wanted the ability to kick openly gay people out of their groups because it ran afoul of their beliefs regarding homosexuality.

The schools said they were welcome to do that, but they wouldn’t be considered a registered group anymore and, therefore, wouldn’t have access to the perks that came with that.

Now, Missouri State Rep. Elijah Haahr (R-Obviously), above, is pushing a bill that would allow Christian groups to discriminate and receive the perks of being a registered student organization.

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Bill Maher on Islam: “When There’s This Many Bad Apples, There’s Something Wrong with the Orchard”

On last night’s episode of Real Time, Bill Maher and Salman Rushdie discussed the Charlie Hebdo attacks, leading Maher to reiterate his criticism of Islam: “When there’s this many bad apples, there’s something wrong with the orchard.”

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