Iowa Governor and Cedar Rapids Mayor Both Issue “Day of Reason” Proclamations

Before the National Day of Reason ends, one last bit of good news.

In Iowa, both Governor Terry Branstad and Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbet issued separate Day of Reason proclamations!

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A Kickstarter for Carbon Dating: The Science-y Comic Strip

Last year, Jessica posted about a new science-based comic strip called Carbon Dating:

That strip has been going strong for a while now and creator Kyle Sanders is set to release his first collection of the strip:

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Agnes Questions Her Faith

Over the past few days, the main character in the comic strip Agnes has been asking questions about religion…

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We’re Not Atheists Because of Bad Christians

Why aren’t we religious?

I’ve heard Christians confidently express the reasons: There’s too much hypocrisy within the church, there are too many Christians who give the rest of them a bad name, we’ve had bad experiences in church, etc.

Neil Carter does a great job pointing out that the problem is as much with the message as it is the messengers:

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Digital Transparency Has Led to the Downfall of Organized Religion

In an interview with Andrew Aghapour of Religion Dispatches, Daniel Dennett explains why the transparency of the Internet Age hurts religion specifically:

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