Atheists Are Organizing in High Schools

Kimberly Winston of the Religion News Service just released her article on the rise of high school atheists. I’ve been doing research on the subject for the past month for my book and this only confirms what I’ve been finding: There were about a dozen such [high school atheist] clubs at the beginning of the [Read More...]

Sam Harris Just Wants to Have a Discourse

Is that so wrong? Harris responded to the video on Twitter Brutal, but well-deserved…RT — Sam Harris (@SamHarrisOrg) June 28, 2012 [Read more...]

FOX News Asks Whether Your Zodiac Sign Determines Your Diet

Yesterday on Fox & Friends, Astrologer Sharon Ward attempted to explain how your zodiac sign should guide your diet: You know your theory is full of shit when even Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade say out loud that they’re not buying it. (Meanwhile, Gretchen Carlson appeared to accept the whole thing, no questions asked.) (Thanks [Read More...]

Can Sam Harris Reclaim the Word ‘Spirituality’?

Sam Harris‘ next book will take a scientific look at spirituality. His first task might be convincing atheists to come along for the ride despite their shortcomings about the “S” word. He writes this in defense: We must reclaim good words and put them to good use — and this is what I intend to [Read More...]

Religious Groups Still Plan to Fight ObamaCare

The Supreme Court’s decision this morning declaring the Affordable Care Act constitutional, was the right one. One of the bright spots of the decision is that women will now be able to have access to birth control without needing a co-pay. It’s bad for Christian groups who want to take away that access from women, [Read More...]