Bryan Fischer: Atheists Should Be Banned from the Military

The Air Force may soon be forced to fix a problem of their own making by allowing an atheist to reenlist even though he doesn’t want to sign an oath that includes the phrase “So Held Me God.”

But Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer has a better solution: Just ban atheists from the military altogether:

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Rick Santorum: Let’s “Call Secularism a Religion” so It’ll Get Banned from Public Schools

In order to promote his upcoming movie One Generation Away (about how Christianity is that close to extinction because religious rights are supposedly eroding away), Rick Santorum appeared on Bryan Fischer‘s radio show yesterday. Because nobody else cares…

It won’t shock you to hear that the men believer secular public schools are (somehow) pushing an atheist worldview onto students. In their minds, neutrality is inherently anti-Christian. But their fix might surprise you: Just call secularism a religion and the problem is solved since religion has no place in a public school!

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Incompetent Air Force Officials Are Asking the Defense Department Whether “So Help Me God” in Oath is Optional

Last week, we learned that an anonymous service member at Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada was denied reenlistment because he refused to sign an oath that included the phrase “So help me God.”

The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center sent a warning letter to Air Force officials suggesting this was absolutely unacceptable.

Yesterday, an Air Force official told Stars and Stripes that it had asked the Defense Department’s top lawyer for advice on what to do:

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Good Riddance to a Public School Teacher Who Couldn’t Keep His Religious Beliefs to Himself

John Osborne (below) has finally decided to quit teaching, and it’s about damn time.

The history teacher had worked at Sequoyah High School in Canton, Georgia for 13 years, but he decided to leave when he realized that his classroom was not a substitute for church and that he wouldn’t be allowed to talk about Jesus:

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Despite Pressure, Allegheny County Council (PA) Votes Against “In God We Trust” Display in Courthouse

The Allegheny County Council in Pennsylvania was considering putting up an “In God We Trust” display in the County Courthouse this week.

Councilwoman Sue Means (below), the evangelical Christian who pushed for it, felt confident she had the eight votes she needed to pass the proposal, despite a local newspaper calling it a “misplaced motto” and Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald saying he would veto the measure if it was passed.

With a 15-member council, Means needed 10 votes to override his veto.

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