His Parents Aren’t Thrilled, but This Atheist’s Making a Difference on Campus

Even though this atheist group leader’s parents aren’t happy about his lack of religious belief, Walter Petit is making a difference for other atheists on campus. [Read more...]

Well, If There’s a Party…

Alright, which one of you sent this in to PostSecret? [Read more...]

The Effectiveness of Local Atheist Billboards

This weekend, I’m off to the Kansas City Regional Atheist Meeting. It’s a brief visit, but I’m excited to talk about what campus atheist groups are up to. I’m also curious to find out how many people are attending because of the Kansas City Atheist Coalition‘s billboard, which has gotten a lot of great coverage. [Read More...]

Two Pennsylvania Atheists Convince School Board to Drop Lord’s Prayer from Meetings

Everyone give a big Internet high-five to Ernest Perce V (Pennsylvania State Director of American Atheists) and Carl Silverman (PA Nonbelievers)! They’ve been attending school board and city council meetings in Greencastle-Antrim in Pennsylvania trying to convince the them to drop the Lord’s Prayer, a 50-year-old tradition in the district. When you watch the videos [Read More...]

Former Secular Student Alliance Leader Converts to Catholicism

This is Joshua Horn in 2010, when he was president of Arizona State University’s Secular Free Thought Society: This is Horn now, recalling what happened a couple of months after that video was taped: “The best way I can explain it is it wasn’t just perceiving something or experiencing something, it was experiencing some particular [Read More...]