Catholic School Speech Coach, Who Led Team to Four State Championships, Will Be Fired if He Marries Boyfriend

A lot of readers know that I’m the head coach of a competitive high school Speech/Forensics Team in Illinois. Even though I’m not in the classroom anymore, I’m still coaching because I get to work with a wonderful group of students and it’s such a worthwhile activity. So this story hits really close to home.

If you visit the website for Skutt Catholic High School in Omaha, Nebraska, this image will greet you on the front page:

Their team has won the State tournament four years in a row. That’s just an incredible run — I’m envious — and a lot of the credit has to go to the coach there, Matthew Eledge, an English teacher at the school.

Or at least he is for the time being. School leaders told him he won’t be coming back in the fall if he ends up marrying his boyfriend.

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“Don’t Believe in God? You’re Not Alone!” Billboard Goes Up in Knoxville, Tennessee

If you’re in the Knoxville area, be on the lookout for this billboard which is scheduled to go up today:

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He May Want to Stop Walking on Water Then…

Seen in Daytona Beach, Florida:

(Thanks to Garman for the image)

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Nebraska Governor Issues “National Day of Reason” Proclamation

Get ready to see National Day of Reason proclamations issued by mayors and governors across the country.

First up this year, at the request of the Omaha Coalition of Reason, is a proclamation signed by Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts:

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Once Again, Logic and Reason to the Rescue

Until now, I never considered this argument for why religion is wrong…

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