A Guide to Better Prose

Reading a book about how to write sounds downright awful, but if Steven Pinker‘s the author, I’ll finish the whole thing the day it’s released like it’s a magical eighth Harry Potter book. The Sense of Style comes out at the end of the month and Pinker explains the premise in the video below:

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Ray Comfort’s Next Movie is All About the Problems with Homosexuality

I can’t believe he’s making this film and there’s not a single banana in the promotional video.

A lost opportunity…

But here, have a listen to Comfort talk about what happened as he saw “two girls kissing as they walked towards” him:

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Remembering the Brave Young Woman Who Refused to Say the Pledge of Allegiance Nearly 80 Years Ago

Usually, when I mention Jehovah’s Witnesses on this site, it’s not for a good reason. But we owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.

In 1935, fifth-grader William Gobitas refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance because treating the flag like an idol went against his family’s JW faith. His 12-year-old sister Lillian did the same thing the next day.

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Pittsburgh Newspaper Calls Proposed “In God We Trust” Display a “Misplaced Motto”

The Allegheny County Council in Pennsylvania is considering putting up an “In God We Trust” display in the County Courthouse in the name of patriotism. It’ll come as no surprise to you that the proposal was made by an openly evangelical council member Sue Means (below), since this is really just a cover to push her faith through the government.

But I was pleasantly surprised to see the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette come out with an editorial today calling the display a “Misplaced Motto“:

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It’s Incredible How Easy It Is for These New Zealand Politicians to Admit They Don’t Believe in God

The New Zealand Herald asked the leaders of the nation’s various political parties to give their thoughts on a variety of subjects, including whether or not they “have a God.”

Check out this unbelievable video:

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