The Problem with Christianity is That Too Many People Think Pastors Like This Guy Are Speaking the Truth

It’s not really newsworthy anymore when a Christian pastor goes on an anti-gay rant.

But when Pastor Jim Veitch of the Bible Truth Baptist Church in Georgia bashes homosexuality, San Francisco, public schools, Hollywood, the media, and the Boy Scouts — all in under two minutes — it’s hard to take your eyes off of it…

You may want to turn down the volume for this one:

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Christian Athletes Perform Acrobatic Dunk Show for Public School Students, but Did They Also “Share the Gospel” with Them?

For some reason, Forest Elementary School (in Bedford County, Virginia) invited a group of college athletes to put on a basketball dunking show for the students.

The group was from Liberty University.

How do you think that played out?

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A Fiery Sermon… in Honor of Charles Darwin

Out of context, this looks like a near-parody of a Sunday morning church service… for the religion of Darwinism.

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Tonight’s Episode of Vanity Fair Confidential is All About the Murdered Founder of American Atheists

If you’re addicted to crime drama, tonight’s new episode of Vanity Fair Confidential on the Investigation Discovery network is all about the murder of American Atheists founder Madalyn Murray O’Hair.

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I Wonder How He’d Feel If the Three Dots Suddenly Vanished…

(via New Yorker)

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