Name That Cathedral!

Remember the Crystal Cathedral in Orange County, California? In 2010, Crystal Cathedral Ministries filed for bankruptcy. Now, the building is in the possession of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange — they paid $57,500,000 for the place. The Diocese doesn’t know what to name their new acquisition, though… and they’re asking for help. This can [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and an Embrace

Even though the image has been around for a few months now, a few different people sent it along saying the caption underneath it is simply beautiful. They’re absolutely right: It’s odd, thinking about death while being an atheist. To understand that afterward, you are simply not. Dawkins and Hitchens both know that what is [Read More...]

The Reason Rally is Coming…

TheThinkingAtheist just put together this awesome promotional video for the Reason Rally! Are you getting excited? (I’ll take your silence as a resounding “Yes!”) [Read more...]

Family Guy Discusses ‘Faith Healing’

I haven’t seen the episode yet, but last week’s episode of Family Guy (now available on Hulu) had an interesting premise: When Stewie makes a new friend Scotty Jennings the Griffins invite him over for a play date. But when he collapses, they rush him to the hospital where they discover he has cancer. When [Read More...]

Rapper Gripp Releases Atheism-Themed Album

A rapper by the name of Marshall “Gripp” Gillson (also a 2009 graduate of Morehouse College) is independently releasing (PDF) an album today called Head in the Cloud. Several of the singles from it have atheistic themes, including the song “The Future Goes“: An excerpt from the lyrics (at the 1:14 mark): So when we [Read More...]