Molesting Preacher Walks Free After Sheriff Says He Already Suffered a “Spectacular Fall from Grace”

Over the past few years, Walter Masocha (below), a former lecturer at Scotland’s Stirling University, became leader of the Agape for All Nations Church, a religion of his own creation.

And he used his authority to molest a young girl and assault another woman:

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Southern Baptist Seminary President Questioned for His Participation in “Openly Secular” Campaign

Last month, Danny Akin, the President of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, recorded a video explaining why he supports the “Openly Secular” campaign:

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I Love My Christian Parents… but I Have to Lie to Them

Seen on Humans of New York:

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An Atheist Rock Song for Those on the Fence About Their Faith

Peter D’Angelo, a composer who normally creates music for TV and film, put together this nifty atheist-friendly rock anthem. Sounds amazing and the lyrics are unlike anything you’ll ever hear on the radio:

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Christian Couple’s Plan to Divorce if Australia Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage Isn’t Going So Well

Last week, Australians Nick and Sarah Jensen made international headlines when they said that if gay marriage was legalized in their country, they would get a divorce after ten years together. I guess that would show that legalizing gay marriage clearly affects straight ones.

If you read the fine print to the story, then you also knew they were still going to live together, still planning on having more children, and still going to call each other “husband” and “wife.”

Since then, we’ve learned a few more things about the legal aspects to their faux-divorce.

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