A Wonderful Animated Crash Course in Evolution

When it comes to explaining science through animation, no one does it quite like QualiaSoup [Read more...]

Why Politicians Should Pay Attention to the Non-Religious

As a community, We don’t ask for all that much. Basically, we want our politicians (no matter the party) to support church/state separation. That means having a rational basis for policy decisions rather than religious-based ones. That means not using their higher office as a means to spread their faith. That means paying attention to non-religious communities and our concerns as much as they pay attention to religious ones. [Read more...]

PBS’ Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly on the Rise of the Nones, Part 1: Who Are They?

Beginning tonight, PBS’ Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly is airing a three-part special on our people. Part one focuses on the demographic itself: Who are the Nones? [Read more...]

Mitt Romney During His Proselytizing Days…

In case you’ve missed it, this week’s Doonesbury strip features a look back at Mitt Romney proselytizing during his Mormon mission trip to France: [Read more...]

Sam Harris Tackles Newsweek’s ‘Heaven Is Real’ Cover Story

Dr. Eben Alexander “sounds precisely how a scientist should not sound when he doesn’t know what he is talking about,” says Sam Harris [Read more...]