David Barton: More Christians Died for Their Faith in 2013 Than the Previous 2,000 Years Combined. The Math Disagrees

We already know Christian pseudo-historian David Barton‘s research skills are as strong as his math skills, which is to say they’re both awful.

In his latest math blunder (a “faux pi”?), Barton claimed on his radio show “WallBuilders Live” that more Christians were killed last year than the previous 2,000 years combined!

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Yes, There Are Pro-Life Atheists Out There. Here’s Why I’m One of Them

This is a guest post written by Kristine Kruszelnicki. Kristine is the President of Pro-Life Humanists.

There was a time when the lines seemed clearer and the slogans said everything. Pro-lifers were Jesus-loving Pope-followers with a passion for sticking rosaries on ovaries, and atheists were quick to respond with “Keep your theology off my biology!”

But then lines began to blur. Atheist and civil libertarian journalist Nat Hentoff said that “Being without theology isn’t the slightest hindrance to being pro-life.” Atheist philosophy professor Don Marquis declared abortion is “immoral” because it denies developing fetuses “a future like ours.” The host of CFI’s Point of Inquiry, Robert M. Price, author of books like Jesus is Dead and The Case Against the Case for Christ, called abortion “second-degree murder” on one of his podcasts.

Well, at least we still have the “Four Horsemen” safely in our ranks, right? Not quite. Even our beloved Christopher Hitchens considered “the occupant of the womb as a candidate member of society.” He also argued that “the unborn entity has a right on its side” and identified himself as involved with the pro-life movement.

What the heck are we atheists supposed to do with all our “Keep your rosaries…” stickers now?

Sorry, Virginia, there really are pro-life atheists.

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In Oregon, Students Are Skipping Math Class to Learn About the Bible

There’s a law in Oregon — it’s been around for decades — that allows public school students to skip classes for up to two hours a week (or five if they’re in high school) in order to get “instruction in religion.”

PREP4Kids is one of those indoctrination programs. They even provide a shuttle to take kids, in one case, from Banks Elementary School to Banks Community United Methodist Church… because who needs to learn about math or reading when you can learn about Jesus and Genesis?

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Stephen Colbert Goes After American Atheists’ Lawsuit Against 9/11 Cross

Last night, Stephen Colbert tackled American Atheists’ lawsuit against the National September 11 Memorial and Museum and its exhibit featuring a Christian cross.

And much like Jon Stewart‘s skewering of the same issue back in 2011, Colbert’s segment was heavy on mockery but empty on substance:

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Sitting in on a Meeting of Courageous Pakistani Atheists

Mina Sohail met up with a group of atheists in Lahore, Pakistan and shares their stories at Tablet. What’s striking is how all of them refuse to be identified by their full name — they don’t want to face any punishment — yet their Facebook group continues to grow:

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