A Lopsided Debate Over God’s Existence, Through the Eyes of the Loser

Earlier this month, Matt Dillahunty debated Christian Presuppositional apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate on the existence of God. Video of the debate went up days later and it was pretty clear — at least to me and everyone else who watched it — that Dillahunty won the debate hands down. (Are we biased? Maybe. Are we wrong? Not a chance.)

Bruggencate will soon release a film about the debate from his perspective. If the trailer’s any indication, it’s going to be *amazing*… I mean, he compares the debate to a boxing match between heavyweights (despite the fact that he got knocked out in the first round):

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Anti-Vaxxer and Flat-Earther Fired from The View

It was announced last night that Jenny McCarthy, who thinks vaccines cause autism, and Sherri Shepherd, who once questioned the shape of the Earth, were fired from The View:

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Campus Christian Group Fights for the Right to Discriminate

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how a Christian group at Bowdoin College is fighting for the right to discriminate:

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AP Reports That the Story About an Irish Mass Grave Holding the Remains of 800 Children Was Greatly Exaggerated

Since we posted a couple of times about the Irish septic tank that supposedly held the remains of nearly 800 children who died in a nun-run institution, it’s only fair to correct that story in light of new information.

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Why a Former Baptist is Raising Her Children Without Religion

Sarah Morehead (below), Executive Director of Recovering from Religion and mother to seven children, answered some excellent questions at The Stir about raising children without faith.

This may be my favorite bit:

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