11 Things to Never Say to a Grieving Atheist

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses 11 things you shouldn’t say to an atheist who’s dealing with the death of a loved one:

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Rabbi Calls Out Ultra-Orthodox Jews on Their Ridiculous Demand to Avoid Sitting Next to Women on Flights

Regarding the recent trend of male ultra-Orthodox Jews causing chaos on airplanes because they refuse to sit next to women, Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin expresses frustration with his fellow “chosen people”:

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Bristol Palin Wrongly Claims the Noah’s Ark Theme Park Was Denied Millions in Tax Credits for Being “Too Religious”

In case you’re wondering whether the apple falls far from the tree, I present to you the sheer ignorance of Bristol Palin, who thinks Answers in Genesis’ Ark Encounter project was stripped of nearly $18,000,000 in potential tax rebates because it’s “too religious”:

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Creationist Group Buys Digital Billboard in Times Square with a Message to “All of Our Intolerant Liberal Friends”

Earlier this month, Ken Ham‘s Answers in Genesis tried drumming up support for their Noah’s Ark Theme Park with a hilarious billboard campaign targeting their “intolerant liberal friends.”

It was funny in large part because they were claiming no one could “sink their ship”… as it sat on land.

Anyway, in a 15-second digital ad that slated to appear in New York City’s Times Square on New Year’s Eve, Ham’s reusing that slogan (“To all of our intolerant liberal friends”) as a prelude to an image of a Christian cross with the message “Thank God for Freedom”:

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“In God We Trust” Signs Now Adorn Kentucky State Capitol Rooms

When Kentucky legislators begin meeting again next week, each subcommittee will gather in one of 11 rooms with new symbols hanging on the walls: The state seal adorned with the phrase “In God We Trust”:

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