Michelle Obama Didn’t Wear a Headscarf in Saudi Arabia… but It Wasn’t Really a Bold Statement

Earlier this week, President Obama and Michelle Obama met with Saudi leaders following the death of King Abdullah, and much of the conversation surrounding the visit was focused on how the first lady wasn’t wearing a headscarf and how that was a bold stance against the treatment of women in the country:

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This Sort of Natural Violence is All Too Common Throughout History…

Oh, natural selection, why must you be so cruel?

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Bryan Fischer Has Been Fired from the American Family Association

Rachel Maddow broke the news tonight that Bryan Fischer, the spokesperson and Director of Issue Analysis for the American Family Association (and constant source of fodder for blogs like this one), has been fired.

It is because of his toxic anti-gay comments over the years?

Not exactly.

The AFA (along with the American Renewal Project) is underwriting the Republican National Committee’s upcoming trip to Israel. And that’s a huge problem for the GOP since Fischer has said nasty things about Jewish people. (And everyone who’s not his brand of Christian, really.)

He’s said that homosexuality was responsible for Hitler and therefore the Holocaust, and that all immigrants must convert to Christianity, and that the First Amendment only exists to advance the Christian faith. And that doesn’t go over so well in the Israeli media.

For those reasons, the AFA is releasing him from his duties:

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I Had No Idea Until I Read the P.S.

Thank you, person who emailed me. You have shown me the light.

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This Wonderful New Non-Profit Group Will Help Secular People in Need

What happens if you come out as an atheist or LGBT and your parents kick you out of the house? What if you’re trying to leave an abusive relationship but your entire social network is contained within your church?

There are resources out there for people who need a safety net, but they’re often faith-based.

But there’s finally a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people without religion get the help they need. It’s called Secular Avenue:

We often talk about how churches provide community — I think they’re great at it — and we’ve seen atheists attempt to replicate that (sans the whole God thing). But this is a practical approach to a very serious problem. This will help the people in our secular world who need it the most, at a time when there are very few others they can rely on.

I asked Noelle if she would answer some questions about the group and our conversation is below:

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