A Better Apology for the Slavery Billboard

You can argue that the PA Nonbelievers/American Atheists billboard that featured a Bible verse about slavery wasn’t offensive if you took a second to read the fine print and understand the (anti-slavery) meaning behind it: But it’s also true that the intended message wasn’t conveyed properly. Most locals just didn’t get it. And even some [Read More...]

Bruce Gleason Featured in OC Weekly Newspaper

Take a look at the subject of the OC Weekly‘s cover story: Bruce Gleason of the Backyard Skeptics! Bruce Gleason, a 57-year-old Villa Park resident, has become something of a legend in the community of godless Orange Countians who read his quotes in news reports, devour his writing on his website and watch his public-access, [Read More...]

Your Prayers Aren’t Helping

When disasters occur, prayers don’t help… Click here for the rest of the Ape, Not Monkey comic. [Read more...]

Yes He Does

Artist Castro Burger is responsible for these fliers seen in Los Angeles Your move, Westboro Baptist Church. (via Boing Boing — Thanks to Gil for the link!) [Read more...]

FFRF Sends Letter to Oklahoma House of Worship

Remember when Oklahoma’s Rep. George Faught invited Pastor Bill Ledbetter of Fairview Baptist Church to speak to the House of Representatives? It happened a couple of weeks ago. In case you missed it, here’s the video and my take on it: Now, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has sent a letter (PDF) to Speaker of [Read More...]