An Atheist Delivers a Eulogy for His Religious Grandmother

Reader Dan Krauss‘ grandmother died about three weeks ago and he was tasked with the unenviable job of delivering the eulogy on behalf of his family. Dan’s not religious but his grandmother was Catholic and he wanted to strike a balance between the two worlds that wouldn’t disrespect her beliefs but also wouldn’t compromise his own.

What he came up with was, I think, a perfect combination:

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Rep. Steve Daines, Possibly the Next Senator from Montana, Supports Teaching Creationism in Public Schools

Rep. Steve Daines is poised to become the next senator from Montana — so it’s probably a good time to point out that he supports the teaching of Creationism in public schools:

Mother JonesDana Liebelson has the story and the recording from a 2012 interview he did with Montana Public Radio:

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You Can’t Have a Formal Christian Prayer at a Public School Graduation Ceremony

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses religious prayers at public school graduations:

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This Construction Company is Run by Jesus

Suppose you run a fast food company and you wanted to put up a new restaurant. Or you run a grocery store chain and wanted to construct a new building. If you’re near Cumming, Georgia, you might contact a group like Christian Brothers Inc. General Contractors because construction is what they do.

Also, they really, really love Jesus:

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Stop Saying Christians Believe That. Christians Don’t Believe That At All

Daniel Fincke urges fellow atheists to stop using straw men when we criticize Christianity. Thanks to all that sophisticated theology out there, no mindful Jesus-follower actually believes in a bearded man in the sky.

Or angels playing harps on clouds. That’s silly.

Or a literal fiery, demon-infested Hell. C’mon now.

Or a virgin birth. No one believes that.

Or that God listens to our prayers and watches over all of us at all times. That’s all an insult to Christian intelligence.

Fincke continues:

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