Are These Cases of Anti-Atheist Discrimination or Private Businesses Doing What They Want?

Earlier this month, the Dallas–Fort Worth Coalition of Reason started an advertising campaign called “Our Families Are Great Without Religion.” Their plan was to have the following ad play on movie theater screens before the films began: After getting rejected by one theater that had a “no religious advertising” policy, the Angelika Film Center in [Read More...]

Catholic Priests Oppose ‘Report Pedophilia’ Bill in Ireland

Ireland’s Justice Minister Alan Shatter is planning to introduce legislation later this year that would put people in jail for 10 years if they withheld information that would help prosecute a child abuser. Who would oppose legislation like that? Catholics priests, of course. And Bill Donohue. Spokesman Fr Sean McDonagh told the paper: “I certainly [Read More...]

Dan Savage Points Out the Hypocrisy in the Bible… So Young Journalists Walk Out on Him

Dan Savage, creator of the It Gets Better Project, gave a talk about anti-gay bullying at a conference for high school journalists a couple of weeks ago. The program listed the goal of the keynote this way: “Students will get ideas on how to cover the topic of bullying in their student media.” Keep in [Read More...]

Think Atheist Joins Effort to Raise $1,000,000 to Fight Cancer

The Foundation Beyond Belief and the Stiefel family are teaming up this fall to raise $1,000,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society via Light the Night walks across the country. Now, Think Atheist has joined the effort and they plan on hosting a marathon broadcast online to raise money later this year. They *really* want [Read More...]

A Catholic Version of ‘Don’t Be a Dick’

Did you know Catholic bloggers make arguments challenging atheists… and then smugly tell themselves that it works? They think their takedowns are effective! Who knew?! Not me. Catholic blogger Frank Weathers says it doesn’t work — no kidding — and he essentially offers his fellow bloggers a religious version of the Don’t Be a Dick [Read More...]