Seven States Ban Atheists from Holding Public Office

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how seven states ban atheists from holding public office, even if those laws are unenforceable.

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Once Again, Ultra-Orthodox Jews Delay a Flight Because They Refuse to Sit Next to Women

Earlier this year, an El Al flight became an “11-Hour-Nightmare” after hundreds of male ultra-Orthodox Jews on the flight refused to sit next to any women.

It happened again this week during a flight from New York to Tel Aviv, though it was thankfully only a 30-minute delay.

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High Schoolers in Massachusetts Want to Move Their Graduation Ceremony Off of Anti-Gay Gordon College’s Campus

Earlier this year, D. Michael Lindsay, the president of Gordon College, a private Christian school that receives federal funding, signed onto a letter asking President Obama to allow them to continue discriminating against LGBT people despite his Executive Order forbidding federally-funded groups from doing such a thing.

That request is now coming back to haunt the college in another way: The Hamilton Wenham Regional School District was planning to hold its high school graduation ceremony on Gordon’s campus. Now, some students are requesting that the venue be changed because they don’t want to be associated with an anti-gay school:

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Why Won’t Anyone Come to God’s Party?

He tries so hard sometimes… but at least this video explains where some of those Bible stories came from (probably NSFW):

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Can an Atheist Repent?

See at PostSecret:

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