James Dobson Explains Various Sex Acts to an Audience of Horrified Christians

Want to see conservative Christian leader James Dobson (circa 1980-something) talking about pornography, bestiality, glory holes, phone sex, and Prince jacking off his guitar?

Of course you do.

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If Corporations Have Religious Beliefs, This is the Logical Extension

Ruben Bolling shows us how some companies are taking the whole “corporations have religious beliefs” idea a little too far:

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Pierce County Council (in Washington State) Votes to Display “In God We Trust” in Chambers

A couple of days ago, we learned that the Pierce County Council in Washington state was considering a proposal to add the phrase “In God We Trust” to its chambers. At the time, only two of the seven council members opposed the plan.

Last night, the council decided to approve the religious display by a 4-3 vote. And the same dimwitted officials attempted to argue that this was good for everybody:

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Creationist Ken Ham Says That Atheist TV Will “Poison and Destroy” the Minds of Children

In case you missed the launch of Atheist TV last night, the introduction video is below. I would pay special attention to the speech given by American Atheists’ founder Madalyn Murray O’Hair at the group’s 1990 convention, beginning at the 5:45 mark. Nothing she says is unfamiliar to those of us who read books and visit websites about atheism — but 25 years ago, you just didn’t hear those thoughts said aloud. It’s amazing how far that message has spread in such a short time.

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50 Signs You’re in a Bad Relationship

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses 50 signs you’re in a bad relationship:

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