Judge Says Prisoner Can’t Represent Fellow Atheist Inmates in Class-Action Lawsuit Over Religious Treatment Programs

Atheist Randall Jackson had been serving time in the Western Reception Diagnostic and Correctional Center in St. Joseph, Missouri for “offenses related to driving while intoxicated” when he learned about an opportunity to get early release on parole — all he had to do was attend the center’s “Offenders Under Treatment Program.”

Just one problem: The program was faith-based, requiring him to both pray and acknowledge the existence of God. (Another treatment program promoted Alcoholics Anonymous which is also religious in nature.) When Jackson objected, the response wasn’t very helpful:

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The Trailer for a Documentary About The Atheist Experience

I’ve spoken to a lot of people over the years who have been influenced (or flat-out deconverted) by The Atheist Experience, the call-in talk show produced by the Atheist Community of Austin and whose hosts include Matt Dillahunty, Russell Glasser, Tracie Harris, Jen Peeples, and several others.

So it’s exciting to see the trailer for Mission Control Texas, a documentary all about the show — and how the hosts’ perspectives contrast with damn near everyone else in their state:

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Now on Kickstarter: Christian Mythology for Kids

Chrystine Trooien‘s new project on Kickstarter sounds educational and entertaining… and it’s bound to raise some eyebrows when the relatives come to visit:

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New Children’s Book Chronicles Girl’s Quest to Make the Wooly Mammoth South Carolina’s Official State Fossil

For a while last year, this was the story that never seemed to end.

Last January, third-grader Olivia McConnell wrote to her state representatives asking them to make the Wooly Mammoth South Carolina’s official state fossil.

After a couple of holdups, it looked like there were no objections and the bill would go through… but the version of the bill that passed through the State House contained a ridiculous amendment:

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Pastor Brags About Escaping Car Accident Unharmed… Even Though Wife Has Spinal Fractures & Needs Neck Brace

Last week, evangelist Dr. Phil Kidd and his wife got in a really awful car accident. I’m happy to say they’re both going to be okay (even if the car is totaled). What’s really fascinating, though, is how they’re talking about it.

Here’s Phil Kidd in True Evangelist™ form:

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