Idaho’s Largest School District Removes Award-Winning Book from Curriculum in Part Because It Mocks Jesus

Here’s what you need to know about Sherman Alexie‘s novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian:

It’s won a ridiculous number of prestigious awards since being published in 2007.

Every kid you know who’s read it has loved it.

A couple of parents in Idaho have convinced a local school board — representing the largest school district in the state — to remove the book from its curriculum because it’s too “obscene” for them.

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America’s Most Important Defender of Evolution May Be This Catholic

The Daily Beast has a positive profile of Brown University biologist Kenneth Miller, a devout Catholic whose defense of science/evolution helped destroy Intelligent Design during the Dover trial:

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You’re Not Going to Go There

Here’s the most depressing thing you’ll read all day: Someone depriving himself of happiness because of what religion convinced him to believe.

Even worse: There are people reading that and smiling because they believe religion has done its job.

(via PostSecret)

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A Song About How There Isn’t Any God… Now with YouTube Comments!

In 2012, singer-songwriter Rusty Cage released a video for his song “Gospel (There Isn’t Any God).” You can (and should) listen to it here. Nice voice. Catchy music. Interesting lyrics:

There isn’t any God and when you die you’re just dead
And heaven’s just a fairy tale to put you to bed
Sometimes I think about the chance that I’m wrong
But then I close my eyes and sing the words to this song

There isn’t any God and when you die you’re just dead
And heaven’s just a fairy tale to put you to bed
There aint nobody watching us cause nobody cares
and In the end we’re living all alone

Recently, he released a new version of that video — this time, including YouTube comments from the old version… I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.

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Set Your Irony Meters to ‘Explode’: The Creation Museum’s New Ad Campaign Suggests ‘Noah’ Movie is Too Farfetched

Creationist Ken Ham, a man many Christians accuse of misinterpreting the Bible, recently panned the movie Noah for being too “unbiblical.”

Now, capitalizing on the movie’s popularity, Ham is launching a new ad campaign — including digital ads near both Times Square and Hollywood — that suggests people can find out about the “real” Noah by visiting the Creation Museum:

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