Sixth Graders Need to Learn About the Ten Commandments, Says Guy With No Grasp on Reality

Glenn Stankis has been putting up the following signs along the side of the road in Magalia, California — because sixth graders just don’t understand that whole “don’t commit adultery” thing… and everyone needs to acknowledge the Christian god in school: … Stankis alleges some classes within the Paradise Unified School District do not recite [Read More...]

The Global Atheist Convention’s Tribute to Christopher Hitchens

This video is pure joy to watch: (via Kylie Sturgess) [Read more...]

Guess Why a Christian Movie Review Site is Panning a Christian Movie?

The Christian movie Blue Like Jazz — in which the main character dabbles in the secular/liberal world before coming back to Jesus — is currently being shown at select locations around the country. The Christian review site Movieguide isn’t happy with the movie at all. Some of their problems with it? (***Update***: Rieux rightly points [Read More...]

The Effectiveness of Kiss-Ins

Remember those Islamic protesters at the Global Atheist Convention? I neglected to mention this excellent response to their gibberish, courtesy of Gregory Storer: My partner Michael and I took advantage of the moment to kiss in front of the group. We understand that in some Islamic States gay people are persecuted and executed for their [Read More...]

A Followup to the Boiron Laboratories ColdCalm Scam

Back in February, I mentioned how skeptic Carrie Poppy purchased a drug called ColdCalm to help her with her sickness. Turns out ColdCalm was homeopathic and had no actual potency to it. Carrie called Boiron Laboratories, the company that makes ColdCalm, and this is what happened: Now, there’s at least a slightly happy ending. Carrie [Read More...]