Are Christian Calls for Tim Tebow to Play Football Hurting His Team?

Tim Tebow used to send Biblical messages via his eyes when he played for the University of Florida: Now, he’s a third string quarterback for the Denver Broncos, behind Kyle Orton (who’s starting) and Brady Quinn (#2). You could arguably place him #4 behind practice squad quarterback Adam Weber, too. Fans — mostly Christian ones, [Read More...]

How Did These Christian Books End Up in a Public Elementary School’s Book Fair?

Reader Jessica went to her daughter’s public elementary school in Wichita, Kansas yesterday for a book fair. What she found was something of a shock to her: She writes: They had a whole section of Christian books geared towards children. There were no other books of any other religion at the book fair. It was [Read More...]

The Difference Between Alligators and Crocodiles…

At least we know what alligators and crocodiles have in common. They’re both obviously atheists. (Thanks to Dan for the link!) [Read more...]

Update on the Cranston West High School God Banner Lawsuit

This is the religious banner currently hanging in the auditorium of Rhode Island’s Cranston High School West: Our Heavenly Father. Grant us each day the desire to do our best. To grow mentally and morally as well as physically. To be kind and helpful to our classmates and teachers. To be honest with ourselves as [Read More...]

The Diversity Skeptics Rarely Talk About: Part 2

Back in July, I mentioned that Dr. Austin Dacey, author of The Secular Conscience, had written an article about how Skeptics need to branch out a lot more when it comes to issues we care about: The titles vary across skeptics meetings, but at the core are the now-familiar topics: psychics, monsters, ghosts, UFOs, creationism, [Read More...]