Christians Have It Really Rough These Days…

Jesus & Mo had a heart to heart discussion about Christian oppression:

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A Compilation of Mrs. Betty Bowers’ Best Bits

America’s Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, just released a highlight reel that’s too good to ignore: [Read more…]

Christian Pastor Writing for Charisma: Homosexuality is a “Putrid-Smelling Demon”

I get that conservative Christians have a problem with homosexuality. But this piece posted by Charisma magazine, written by Bert M. Farias, is so full of hatred and vile that I think we can finally put that whole “love the sinner” canard to rest:

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Hindu Gods Get a Muscular Makeover in Graphic Novels

Usually, when you see images of Hindu deities, they’re calm, serene, and (*ahem*) well-fed. But graphic novels in India are starting to give them a more muscular look that might make them more appealing to a younger generation.

Plus, when mythology says the gods defeated thousands of warriors by themselves, you don’t really think “meditation.”

What’s surprising is that people aren’t crying blasphemy or taking offense:

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Michigan Mayor Who Denied a “Reason Station” in City Hall (but Allowed a “Prayer Station”) Hit with Federal Lawsuit

IF you were to walk into the Warren, Michigan city hall, you’d see a Prayer Station, a kiosk of sorts with pamphlets about God, manned by Christians eager to proselytize. It’s been there since 2009.

So when resident Douglas Marshall filled out an application to set up a personal “Reason Station” to promote freethought and logic, you’d think he’d get a green light, too… Hell, his application was almost word-for-word identical to that of Pastor Darius Walden, who set up the Prayer Station.

The problem is that Warren Mayor Jim Fouts is a Christian who has made a habit of opposing atheist groups that want the same treatment as religious groups.

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