Christian’s Advice to Fellow Christians: Don’t Be Critical When One of Our Own Does Something Embarrassing

What should Christians do when some high-profile leader says or does something awful?

We know what most of them tend to do: Nothing. Because silence is easier than saying something critical about someone within your broader religious circles. It’s exactly the sort of approach that allows those awful actions to continue and thrive.

I like being part of a skeptical community because I know no one is safe from criticism. If Richard Dawkins or Bill Maher says something dumb, we’ll join the chorus in calling them out on it. That’s not to say every criticism is fair, only that no one is immune.

Samuel James, the Communications Specialist for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, doesn’t feel the same way, and he has some suggestions for people of faith on what to do when a Christian does something embarrassing:

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Texas Teacher Suspended for Making a Snide Comment About Christianity is Reinstated After Inquiry

Last week, Ryan Stagemeyer (below), a teacher at Flower Mound High School in Texas, was apparently suspended for making derogatory statements about Christianity in the classroom.

Or so the story goes.

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Daniel Dennett Withdraws from World Science Festival Due to Templeton Foundation Sponsorship

The World Science Festival takes place in New York City later this month and philosopher Daniel Dennett (below) will not be attending as scheduled.

His reason? The event (and specifically one of the sessions in which he was slated to participate) is sponsored in part by the John Templeton Foundation, an organization that frequently blurs the line between science and religion.

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On Real Time with Bill Maher, the Panelists Debated the Free Speech Aspect of Drawing Muhammad Cartoons

It was refreshing to hear Bill Maher and a couple of his Real Time panelists speak in defense of the Muhammad-drawing cartoonists last night:

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What Happens When Atheists Stop Being in the Minority?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses what happens when atheists are no longer a minority.

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