Roane County (TN) Officials Want “In God We Trust” on the Courthouse, but One Commissioner is Fighting Back

Turns out there’s one very brave commissioner in Roane County, Tennessee.

The problem is that he’s outnumbered by a bunch of conservatives who think it makes perfect sense to stick the words “In God We Trust” on the county courthouse:

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A New Book Tackles the Supposed Hypocrisy of Atheists

We’re used to Christian apologists trying to explain the logic of their faith — and atheists offering rebuttals that amount to “Christianity? Logic? HA!”

One of the more infamous books of that genre is I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist by Norman L. Geisler and Frank Turek. It was one of those books that I had to read with a red pen next to me, just so I could mark up all the errors. (It was slightly less challenging than a mid-week New York Times crossword puzzle.)

So when I heard Geisler, this time with Daniel J. McCoy, had written another book, I had to check it out. A new challenge!

Their book, out today, is called The Atheist’s Fatal Flaw: Exposing Conflicting Beliefs (Baker Books, 2014) and it focuses on the supposed hypocrisy of atheists.

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Scam Artist Preacher Benny Hinn: Give Me $1,000 and You’ll (Somehow) Become Rich!

Benny Hinn, the scam artist with a net worth of $42,000,000 who poses as a preacher and “heals” people (though he never releases their medical records), knows exactly what you have to do to make him yourself wealthier: Just send him $1,000.

No, really, God said so:

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I Feel Okay About Bill Nye Losing This Debate

Finally, the matchup we’ve been waiting for: Bill Nye vs. Isaac Newton in an Epic Rap Battle (featuring Weird Al Yankovic as Newton):

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But Four-Year-Olds Will Never Comprehend That!

You know where this cartoon is going… but it’s still funny:

See the punchline here.

(via Far Left Side)

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