When Your Banks Speaks in Christianese

Reader Anju was chatting online yesterday with a customer service rep from Bank of America. This is how the conversation ended: “Have a blessed day ahead”? That’s…. weird. It’s not a huge deal, but since so much of that conversation is boilerplate script, I wonder if that line was approved by BoA or if it [Read More...]

Campus Atheist Group Raises Money for the War on Hunger

Chris Calvey and the Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics (AHA!) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are in a fundraising battle-to-the-death (or as he calls it, a “friendly competition”) against Christian and Muslim groups on their campus and they need your help! They’re trying to raise money for the (non-sectarian) Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin: [Read More...]

What Are Atheists Thankful For?

Zach Moore of the Fellowship of Freethought in Dallas asked attendees at Skepticon what they’re thankful for and the result is this wonderful video: Summary: Atheists are thankful for family, friends, work, good health, happy lives, etc. That is so much better than thanking god or Jesus. Sure, Christians are thankful for their friends and [Read More...]

Bias Against Atheists is Naughty, Not Nice

The American Humanist Association has launched a Christmas advertising campaign “aimed to raise awareness of discrimination against nonbelievers in America.” Billboards with the following image have gone up in New Jersey and Michigan: This week, a similar ad is also appearing in newspapers in several states where atheists have been the targets of discrimination. “Nonbelievers [Read More...]

A(n Honestly) Classy Apology from the Gelato Mio Owner

Andy, the owner of Gelato Mio, just posted a more extensive apology to atheists on Reddit. This isn’t just PR-speak. I think he genuinely feels bad about what he did and wants to make things right. You can decide if he accomplishes that: To the World: Hello, my name is Andy and I’m the owner [Read More...]