High School Student Gets Two-Day Suspension for Not Standing During the Pledge of Allegiance

Normally, when Needville High School sophomore Mason Michalec, doesn’t stand up during the Pledge of Allegiance (or the Texas Pledge), it’s a non-issue.

But this past week, with a different teacher in the classroom, he was told he had to stand. He refused. She sent him to the principal’s office. And Mason received a two-day in-school suspension.

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The Problem with Asking Questions…

… is that they only lead to more questions.

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Help Improve Skeptical Topics on Wikipedia

There’s a wonderful website called “Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia” and the group’s mission is the fix the Wikipedia pages of people and issues concerning science and pseudoscience.

For example, they make sure articles about, say, astrology only include claims with credible citations. (Not an easy task.) They also improve the pages of notable skeptics so that people looking for information about them can find it.

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A Pastor Explains Why He’s Skeptical of Other Christians’ “Miracles”

Pastor Doug Hagler has had a lot of Christians tell him about their supernatural experiences. Hagler believes in God. He believes in miracles, too. But those moments never seem to happen to him… so what should he make of that?

In a post that could very well have been written by an atheist, Hagler runs though a variety of thoughts he’s had over the years concerning other people’s “magical experiences” (emphases his):

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How Should Atheists Handle Saying Oaths with the Words “So Help Me God”?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how to handle saying oaths with the words “So Help Me God” at the end.

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