Women in Secularism Conference: $25 Registration for 25 Students

The Center For Inquiry has this fantastic conference about Women in Secularism coming up next month in Arlington, Virginia. (The audience will hopefully include men, too.) Given the unique nature of this conference, I was worried that the registration cost ($219 for non-CFI members) might deter a lot of people from attending. But there’s now [Read More...]

Toronto Transit Commission Runs Muslim Ad… and Hindus Complain

The Toronto Transit Commission has put up a lot of religious/non-religious ads over the past few years. They approved the Canadian Atheist Bus Campaign’s ad, reading “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” More recently, they approved an ad from a Christian group in which a child with drug-abusing parents was [Read More...]

Rick Warren Must Not Understand the Bible’s Take on Slavery

The PBS show Finding Your Roots gives scholar/host Henry Louis Gates, Jr. an opportunity to chat with celebrities about their ancestry. In this week’s episode, he met with Pastor Rick Warren. As it turns out, one of Warren’s ancestors was a prominent slaveowner. That’s not particularly surprising, and it doesn’t say anything about Warren himself. [Read More...]

Florida Atheist Group Wins Campus Award

Congratulations to the Secular Student Alliance at Valencia College (in Florida). Last night, they were awarded “Organization of the Year” from their campus’ Office for Student Development! Hmph. My group never won that award in college. I’m jealous now. Jealous and very excited for them. [Read more...]

To Those of You Who Want to Contribute…

To everyone responding to this post, thanks! I’ve gotten a bunch of responses and I will be looking through them soon. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard back yet. I’ll get back to all of you who responded. Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging. [Read more...]