Support Songs for Nonbelievers

Cynthia Carle is a singer/songwriter who’s working on an album called Songs For Nonbelievers. (The title is pretty self-explanatory.) Cynthia needs some help, though, so she’s raising funds on Kickstarter. Need some motivation to donate? Listen to the lyrics in one of the album’s first tracks, “Sunday in Reality”: She has no invisible means of [Read More...]

A Secular Wedding Ceremony from Start to Finish

Reader Dennis and his wife Holly got married in July. The ceremony was secular — and from what you’re about to see, everything about it was awesome You want to see how a non-religious wedding works from start to finish? Keep reading. First, Dennis explains their story: A longtime friend of mine performed our ceremony [Read More...]

One More Comparison Between Penn State and the Catholic Church

One question a lot of people are asking in the wake of the Penn State scandal is: Why didn’t anyone who knew about Jerry Sandusky‘s crimes go to the police? Mark P. McKenna has a theory about it — and it connects to the Catholic Church: … I have significant doubts about what an associate [Read More...]

How Much Religion Should You Expose Your Children To?

The folks at Penny Arcade, the Series just released some bonus content from their Season 2 DVD and it involves an interesting discussion about how much (if any) religion you should teach your children: Just to be clear, the argument isn’t about teaching your children that religious beliefs are true — we know that’s absurd [Read More...]

Insert Your Own ‘Stuffed Crust’ Joke Here

Al Vernacchio teaches the best high school sex education class you’ll find anywhere — it’s honest, frank, and doesn’t shy away from answering the questions kids really want answered. My favorite excerpt from this New York Times article is the part where Vernacchio wonderfully links up sex and food: “So let’s think about pizza,” Vernacchio [Read More...]