42% of Americans Are Creationists, but Don’t Lose All Hope Just Yet

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses a recent poll that said 42% of Americans are Creationists:

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Gold Coins Without “In God We Trust” On It Aren’t Necessarily Valuable

Not too long ago, a bunch of old U.S. gold coins were dug up in a California couple’s backyard.

One of the coins — an 1874 $20 Double Eagle — fetched a reported $15,000 at auction.

All told, roughly 1,400 coins were unearthed, which are expected to pull in over $10 million when the dust settles.

Bidding for the most expensive coin, an 1866-S Double Eagle without the “In God We Trust” motto, started at $1.2 million.

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I Guess Math is Harder Than a Mixed-Faith Relationship…

According to Dale McGowan, author of the forthcoming book In Faith and In Doubt (about relationships between atheists and believers), one in six “religiously unaffiliated” people have spouses who are religious.

One in six.

Think about that.

Then read this article’s subtitle and see if you can spot the math error…

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Christian Pastor: If Your Child is Gay, “You Don’t Have a Meal with Them”

Baptist Pastor John MacArthur wanted to give some advice to a mother who had a gay child. So he made a video… and his advice is about as awful as you can imagine:

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How One Student Uncovered Multiple Constitutional Violations at His High School

Isaiah (Issah) Smith just graduated from high school after a very eventful year in which he exposed all sorts of religious violations at his school. It’s as good a time as any to take stock of what he accomplished — and what he sacrificed to do it.

Earlier this school year, after being bullied for being gay, Isaiah decided to bring a Bible to school to explain to his classmates why the verses they cited didn’t actually condemn gay people. In the process, he ripped out the pages from Leviticus.

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