There Are Now Displays Honoring Game of Thrones in the Wisconsin Capitol Building

The Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison discovered something incredible when it came to putting up a display in the State Capitol: “Practically anyone can put anything they want in the Capitol.” All you had to do was fill out an application.

So they did. For three fictional groups, including two honoring gods from Game of Thrones:

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In Texas, Candidate Deemed Ineligible to Run by Opponent Due to His Alleged Atheism Easily Wins Runoff Election

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about a runoff race for the Austin City Council in Texas. Normally, it’d be off my radar, but candidate Laura Pressley had posted a graphic on her website explaining the differences between her and her opponent Gregorio Casar. She implied that his atheism was a problem:

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Christopher Hitchens Stood Tall, Even During a Sit-Down Lunch

Yesterday was the third anniversary of Christopher Hitchens‘ death, and Dave Pell told a lovely story about an encounter with Hitch that you’ll want to read:

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This Christian Workbook Teaches Kids to Respect Others Using One of the Most Disturbing Stories in the Bible

The story of Elisha and the bears is one of the more disturbing ones in the Bible. It’s the one where kids make fun of Elisha, a bald-headed man… and then two bears come down and maul to death all 42 children.

Lovely, isn’t it?

Jonny Scaramanga, whose reporting on the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum has been eye-opening for me, explains that one of ACE’s workbooks designed for 11-year-olds features this story as a moral tale.

Because mean little kids deserve to die.

Scaramanga explains on his new Patheos blog:

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After Her Son Survived a Car Accident, She Gave Credit Where It Was Due

Writer Lynn Beisner‘s son got in a nasty car accident a few days ago. He’s thankfully okay — “not a scratch on him” — but Lynn did something unusual after her initial fears dissipated.

She wrote a thank you letter. To Honda.

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