What the Contraception Debate is Really About

Mike Luckovich of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explains: [Read more...]

Sam Harris and Bruce Schneier’s Debate on Profiling Muslims at the Airport

What do you do when you’re sitting in an airport waiting for your delayed flight? Read all 13,000+ words of the ongoing debate on the efficacy of profiling Muslims at airport security checkpoints between Sam Harris (We’d be crazy not to profile them!) and Bruce Schneier (You have no idea what you’re talking about). In [Read More...]

America’s ‘Evolution’ Problem

Jerry Coyne has published a new paper in the journal Evolution about… well… take a guess. More specifically, it’s about “Science, Religion, and Society: The Problem of Evolution in America.” These graphs tell a much larger story (click to enlarge): Coyne also has a message for science organizations: … when scientific organizations argue for the [Read More...]

When It Comes to the Internet, Nothing Fails Like Faith

My latest piece for the Washington Post‘s On Faith blog is on how the Internet is killing faith. (See? It’s not just for porn.) An excerpt: It wasn’t long ago when statements made in a pulpit were simply assumed to be true. Now, a child with an iPhone in the pew can find ample evidence [Read More...]

Is Atheism a Force to Be Reckoned with in America?

Dave Silverman appeared on The Alyona Show (with substitute host Abby Martin) Wednesday night to talk about the state of atheism in America. It’s a long segment with time for some substantive discussion — pretty unusual for television news airing in America. [Read more...]